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Story: Ibo Island - Mozambique, Africa Fiona Owner Ibo Island Lodge-Update

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Ibo lodge is an enchanting place, on Ibo Island in the Indian Ocean,

The island was once a Muslimtrading port, a slave port, and apparently,

Vasco da Gama reportedly rested on the island in 1502.

The island was fortified in 1609 by the Portuguese.

After such a "glorious" past, which also included a bloody war of independence against the Portuguese, it was a poetic justice that this piece of heavenly property Ibo was formed in the 1990th part of the Quirimbas National Park and is linked by dhows to the mainland at Tandanhangue.

In April 2019, Cyclone Kenneth hit the island and it was reported that 90% of the homes were destroyed.

The lodge, one of a kind, where we were lucky to stay in, enjoying Marine Safari , while on a visit to Mozambique in 2013, was also badly impacted in 2019.

Today I got a note from the lodge's owner -Fiona, (see below) sadly informing me of

the unavoidable need to close down her amazing life project, due to complications' culmination including ongoing terror attacks.

Info on the lodge

Fiona Record | Owner Ibo Island Lodges kype fiona_record ,mobile +27 82 780 3932 landline +27 21 785 2657 emergency +27 72 577 8575

Travel brand VOYAGE2AFRICA

Here is the note from Fiona

Dear Lili and David and family, My name is Fiona and I am the owner of Ibo Island Lodge. You met me when you were on holiday at Ibo – I hope you remember us! Lili and David, as such special guests, you represent over 20 years of our life's work, training and upliftment of the local community. Your feedback tells us about your memories, emotions and adventures and they mean the world to us all. You wrote us the most INCREDIBLE review of your time with us on Ibo in 2013 and I have pasted it here below as it hopefully provides you with some happy memories in these crazy times we are all now living in.. San Francisco, California18 contributions12 helpful votes Note to Manager-Lili's & David's Naveh Stay Oct 16-20/ 2013 Dear Fiona and Keven, David and I felt really lucky to have made your acquaintance during your working visit and our fantastic vacation stay, at enchanting Ibo lodge, for the past 4 days. We loved the unique location of Ibo lodge, right at the ocean forefront on this historical Island, with its enchanting Mangrove setting, the old colonial buildings and unpaved roads. We loved waking up early mornings to beautiful sun rise, being pampered by freshly brewed coffee, tea and baked scones served at our room, every early morning We enjoyed so much sitting at the lodge's upper so inviting terrace, watching the view, overlooking the tranquil water papered by the pictorial trees and passing small local sail boats. We were delighted to interact with you, the lodge's amazing staff, and the interesting transient other guests. And more so, we enjoyed the fantastic, tailor made gourmet chef's cooking, served a top of the lovely terrace, while viewing magical sun sets. It was great that, upon arrival, the lodge sent us fantastic speed boat, to get us fast to the premises. We enjoyed that ride, as well as a wonderful swim on the way. We were happy as 2 clams to check into our spacious room at the historical Colonial renovated structure, with its high ceilings, canopied large bed and fantastic huge bathroom, bath tub and shower facilities. On the day we were taken by Rob and 2 other staff members to the Sand Bank, David had his swim to almost the next far away Island. When turning into a small dot on the water's horizon, the worried Rob sent one of the staff members to raced the boat on a rescue mission, since the currents were powerful and could easily drift one away. However David being the ultimate fate challenger muscle man, refused to be picked up, and swam safely back ashore. We were both very touched by the concern and gesture. We loved the trip to and the sit down breakfast specially served under an erected tent, on this most charming tiny narrow Sand Bank strip, surrounded by calm crystal clear translucent most inviting water in the open ocean. We thoroughly enjoyed all the marine sport activities. David went on a Kayaking into a dense Mangrove area and loved it.I swam in the lodge's quint pool and then had a wonderful massage. In between, we were on our electronic devices communicating via the provided internet service, taking photos, read a lot, and eat too much. On the day before our departure we were taken on the speed boat to the open ocean, and had most thrilling encounter with 3 Dolphins families .. each having between 6- to 20 members. David jumped into the water and had kept chasing them in hope they return the playfulness, and also interact and follow him. However the Dolphins have kept swimming away, protective of a baby they had been training, and David missed this very close encounter of the Dolphins' kind. The hide and sick with the robust Dolphins drained David out from his usual limitless energies, but flooded him with plenty of salt sea water he gulped, when trying to keep up with these adorable sea creatures. David barely climbed up back to the boat after an hour of determination, completely worn out, but pleased beyond belief. I was content viewing the Dolphins' perfectly coordinated smooth swim, and theirs and David's water acrobatics, from the elevated and safe position off the Boat. On the way back from the Dolphins' adventure, we stop by the reef and enjoyed snorkeling along the coast. The swim in the pristine perfect temperature water, was heavenly. The flight by the small 6 sitter private Sesna plane, directly to Mozambique Il , saved us the long 8 hours bumpy car ride on the unpaved Roads . The pilot was Texan who now resides in Pemba, and mostly flies relief missions and Doctors for the MAF organization, providing medical services to remote areas. It was smooth flight and the visibility was fantastic. We could clearly view from air the various Archipelago's land mass, Mangroves and shimmering turquoise color water .We landed at Mozambique Il. and found it much smaller, less enchanting, and more crowded with people and structures. The Hotel Villa Sands we were booked in is also very friendly and carries reasonable comfortable accommodation. It overlooks the ocean , and serves good food on the lovely terrace by the water. David finally got his shrimps fix he craved for all week. And last but most important, we wish to thank you profusely for your, hospitality, genuine caring, warmth and friendliness, sensitivity to our special needs and ultimate generosity, beyond the call of duty, assuring that our stay is much more than worthwhile and most memorable. Also please convey our deep thanks to your most caring, professional, accommodating, and dedicated staff, especially to Lutiffiya , Rob, Kosmo and Kisinger, whom we were so glad to meet, work with and be supported by. We were very touched by the sense of mission and commitment the Ibo lodge initiative carries in regard to the commercial development prospects it brings to the Island and its locals inhabitants. The goodbyes said this morning were emotional for us, and we truly hope that our path crosses again, as so we get the chance to see you either on our side of the globe in Tel-Aviv Israel or the San Francisco Bay area USA, or at some future trip to Africa. With deep appreciation and gratitude. Lili & David Naveh. Oakland CA USA.

Fiona adds Unfortunately, it is with GREAT sadness and ache in our hearts that due to cyclone Kenneth and the ongoing terror attacks (apparently linked to Islamic State) in the region, we have had to CLOSE Ibo Island Lodge and leave our Ibo family & community behind in fear and poverty. Please do not stop reading we are NOT asking you to donate money but people need to know what has happened on Ibo Island. The attached pdf shows the islands damage after the cyclone and gives an update on the situation in northern Mozambique and also our new venture in hope to survive.

Download PDF • 1.28MB

HOW WE GO INTO THE FUTURE We have been tour operating for 20 years. We have used our vast knowledge to create a new travel brand called VOYAGE2AFRICA This is where we do need your help Lili! We are experts in ALL destinations – not just Mozambique. South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and gorilla and chimpanzee safaris, Mozambique, Maldives, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba Islands. We are tailor making journeys of a lifetime throughout Africa and we WILL continue to fight for Ibo Island and her people. PLEASE REMEMBER US and use us as your trusted tour operator for your next African holiday or safari. PLEASE tell your family and friends about us. That would help us so much Lili! Please ask people like yourself who value something special - much like Ibo Island Lodge to use us once travel opens up again properly. We commit to offering sustainable and ethical travel choices, fighting to get the best deal for your money, providing excellent service and attention to detail, and to trying to help the people on Ibo. Lots of American based people are once again traveling to Africa and we would LOVE to put any travel together for you or your family and friends to anywhere in Africa. It would be amazing to be in contact again and send you or your friends and family somewhere magical. A massive thank you for reading this. We remember you and your feedback made us very happy. We hope you are keeping safe and healthy. Please drop us an email to say hi and stay in touch if you’d like to follow what happens on Ibo. We hope to hear from you. All our best wishes, Fiona, Kevin, Luts and the Ibo team You were guided and hosted by Cosmos, Wilfred, Allie, and Nitu. Massages given with so much love by Felicide. Food prepared and served by Bombina, Gili, Joao, Nazire and, Jordan. Your skippers and dhow captains Chakuro, Chali, Chire and Injaba. Many other fine human beings too numerous to list made up the team at Ibo Island Lodge, and led over the years by Kevin and Fiona, and Rob and Glyn and of course the one and only Mr Kissinger! Fiona Record | Owner

From: <> Date: Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 4:21 PM Subject: RE: Ibo Island update sad news: Fiona Owner Ibo Island Lodge To: Lili Naveh Cc: <> Dear Lili, Thank you SO much for generously sharing our story on your website and your kind words. I look forward to helping you and David plan any trips to Africa in the future and any of your contacts that may get hold of us as a result of your website. I will stay in touch if I may – I value your privacy so it wont be too many updates, but I will send you any good news and I will also let you know if anyone gets hold of me to plan travel to Africa. Thank you so much again, I am blown away by your kindness. All my best to you and David and your family. Kind Regards, Fiona


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