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Travel: Corfu's Northwest alluring Villages and Beaches

Date: Oct 2nd/2002

Place: Corfu's Northwest Villages and Beaches

By: Lili Naveh

With the end of the tourist season approaching, many hotels, guest houses and rooms have been gradually closing down in Corfu.

Between as early as the end of Sept up to mid Oct, most direct flights, accommodations, and eating establishments stop providing services, and with the season being over, Corfu is emptied out of both tourists and working staff.

Although in this unusual Corona year, there are many more stranded visitors who escaped their countries' lockdown, and who are in need of accommodation beyond the end of the season's date, the tourism industry will not extend the season and will not stay open longer.

The Greeks wouldn't change their long entrenched traditions, and accommodate the new vagabonds, despite the country's sputtering economy.

"Delfino Blue" - the place we have been staying at since Sept 28th could accommodate us and the kids either, beyond Oct 4th -(their closing date) thus we were fated to spend the past 2 days “hunting” for an alternative "roof over our head" accommodation.

Driving through this narrow curvy gorgeous hilly region, along the upper Northwest shore, led us through large densely forested enchanting Olive Tree groves , on one side, and on the other, breathtaking vistas of the bluish sea below, could be seen.

The few small villages, towns and beaches we enjoyed passing through :

Just before arriving Agios Stefanos, we drove through this beautiful village of breathtaking landscapes and 2 km long beach strip. It is situated between two small peninsulas which are forming a protecting wall against the strong winds that sometimes blow on the island.

The main road which runs alongside the beach has few casual restaurants and bars. The water is very shallow and the sea bottom is flat and sandy making it safe for children

This mountainous quaint village north of Agios Stefano and 40km from Corfu Town set against a background of lush green hills.

Avliotes is a relatively new village established 350 year ago when pirates destroyed the original old village of Vouniotika.

Architecturally traditional housing and shops selling local made crafts and produce, can be found along with "Ilias Coffee" shop, which according to the locals still makes the best coffee in the area.

Sidari earned its fame and the flocking of visitors due to its particular

Canal d’Amour, the Channel of Love.

The pounding sea water, which gnaws and erodes the shore’s soft sand rock, has created morphological rock pillars standing erect at the sea, and also a protected small calm bay, attractive to swimmers.

To reach this beach you have to pass the village and proceed towards Peroulades. On your right a small sign for the beach will direct you. If lost, GPS will get you there as well.

Sidari town was originally 2 small fishing villages that morphed into one, connected by a long beach.

It has grown into a bigger gaudy development, year after year, with new buildings and congested traffic, thus losing its appeal to us

It attracts many young and trashy English tourists who come there for its night drinking life, and affordable tourist facilities.

There are 3 most important beaches; one of those is the famous Canal D’amour.

The other two beaches consist of a very long sandy bay and a smaller one very beautiful surrounded by stones shaped by the wind .

9 km from Sidari toward the northern tip of the Ionian Islands took us to Roda. Another nice quiet fishing village, that has one of the longest sand/single beaches which stretches for 4 km along the length of the village with shallow waters safe for swimming. The village’s sandy beach crystal clear water, small pebble coves, traditional tavernas, lively bars and pubs assure visiting tourist, a good time

Across the blueish waters, lies the amazing coastal mountain range of Albania and behind Roda is Pantokratoras the highest mountain point on the island of Corfu, offering a spectacular scenery.

Roda's Additional attractions are: The Sant George’s church in the middle of the village, dated 17th c, and the the unique ruin of the Temple of Apollo, dated from 5th B.C

The Doric Temple pavilion includes monoliths and columns - 11 on the long and 6 on the narrow sides, but is without a back wall. Inside the temple there are still four fundamental bases. At a distance of 6.7 m east is the foundation of the Altar of God .

According to the archaeologist Rosemary Zernioti the temple of Roda was excavated during the years 1938-1939. It’s preserved at the level of the foundation. The superstructure seems built from bricks

A larger main beach resort and service Town, 37 km from Corfu ,at the northern tip of the island, from which also the Albanian coast can be viewed.

Unlike Sidari which attracts English people, Acharavi attracts mainly German tourists, who also run some of it's business.

It is much more pleasant then Sidari and has many more shops, services and facilities. There is a post office, bank, butcher, a dentist, doctors and other services and facilities found in a modern town.

The town comprises two parts, the Old & New Village, and its long sandy beach which stretches for 3 km.

Originally the village was called Hebe and was an ancient Greek city, possibly named after the daughter of Zeus, Hebe. The city was destroyed in 32 BC by the Roman Emperor Octavian and was thus renamed from the city of life "Hebe" into the city of "Ungracious Life" Acharavi.

The recommended large upscale Acharavi's St George's Resort , which its grassy flowery landscape reminded us of a Kibbutz, was a big turnoff to David, once he saw that the geriatric crowd by the large pool, all spoke in German

90% of its guests are Germain Tourists

Alamyros Beach - By Acharavi

This quaint straight beach strip stretches for 7 km and is actually a continuation of Arachavi. The beach is known for its shallow waters and soft sand , open to winds.

The 3 modern attractive resorts we viewed right on that beach are:

*Almyros Beach Resort and Spa +30 266 3029391

It is a modern village like newly opened all inclusive facility

*Thalassa Suites +30 26630 63363

An attractive village like resort with equipped apartments

*KYama Suits 302663064464

The same owner of Talahasa, runs also this very attractive accommodation on a smaller scale which we liked a lot , alas it was close .

Other recommended sites we have not yet reached include, Kassiopi, Paleokastritsa and Corfu’s highest peak, Pantokrator.

In the meantime and until we move out the grands have been enjoying the stay at Delfino Blu which we all like very much.

To be Continued....


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