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Travel: Valltelina Valley, Italy to Lake Lugano Switzerland, Feb 12/2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

From the White Snow Italian mountainous Bormio to the verdant and Blue

lake Lugano - Swizerland

Departing Bormio's scenary

The 3 hours drive off the Italian Alps, directed us via elongated Valltelina valley

back South to Tirano. Then toward west passing, Ponte Valltelina, the town of Sondrio.

(Formerly an Ancient Roman military camp,) and Morbegno, and then toward the

North tip of Lake Como and down south via popular Menaggio on the west side of Como Lake, Finally, crossing the Italian border we f reached early afternoon the Swiss town of Lugano

Valltelina Valley Scenary

The fertile valley supports varied agriculture, forestry, and livestock.

It is known for its wines, its ski center, hot spring spas, and bresaola, cheeses.

Tourism is its significant economic factor.

This upper valley of the Adda River stretches from its sources in the Ortles mountains westward to its entry into Lake Como, largely in Sondrio provincia, of Lombardy region,

Its chief towns, which we vissited or passed through are:

Sondrio, Tirano, Chiavenna, Morbegno, and Bormio.


The valley is enclosed by the Bernina Alps (north), the Ortles mountains (northeast), and the Orobie Alps (south) and is traversed by good roads over four well-marked Alpine passes: the Stelvio (9,042 feet [2,756 m]), the Bernina (7,621 feet [2,323 m]), the Aprica (3,858 feet [1,176 m]), and the Umbrail (9,944 feet [3,031 m]).


Out-Doors Lunch at North tip of Lake Como

Going south on the west side of Lake Como


Finally, crossing the Italian border

to Switzerland

Lake Lugano

Surrounded by steep mountains, beautiful glacial Lake Lugano, is situated on the border between southern Switzerland and northern Italy, between Lake Como and Lago Maggiore . It is the centerpiece of Switzerland's Ticino region, the southern canton, where Italian is the official language

The lake and the steep wooded mountainsides, which give Lake Lugano a stunning backdrop from nearly every angle, provide some of Europe's finest viewpoints.

City of Lugano,

Lugano is one of Switzerland's most popular towns. Its beauty and gorgeous setting make it most attractive holiday resort destination..

Situated right by the lake Lugano and surrounded by the mountains of the Lugano Prealps, its urban agglomeration is over 150,000. making it the 9th largest Swiss town, the largest and most important town in Ticino and largest with an Italian speaking majority outside of Italy.

The Hotel we stayed

Right on the lake's promenade

Stroll along the Promenade

Once checked into the hotel, the promenade by the lake was "calling" us

out for a walk , much needed after the long drive.

Being the weekend, many visitors and locals strolled leisurely, by the lake's calm water, on this pleasant good weather sunny day.

There is a sculptors trail along the promenade, a mix of classic abstract and whimsical

art work.

Gravitating into the old shopping center, in search for food, awaken our appetite..

Dinner at the Hotel's room

Being tired and too full from eating every night at restaurants, I was glad to run into a

a great gastronomic take away deli which supplied us with most tasty dinner.

Gabbani - an amazing Deli on the main old city shopping St.


To be continued...


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