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Travel: White Snow-Bormio, Italy, Feb 10/2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

The prior 4 traveling days were quite hectic and overspent our energies,

Thus staying put today, at the beautiful hotel, and exercising some relaxation,

(not the Naveh family forte..) was the plan for the day.

The views from the rooms of the Grand Bagni Nuovi Hotel

The Dinning Room is gougers and has an atmosphere more of a Ball-Room.

Yet breakfast was only OK. but service is great

The Hotel's Wet/Dry Spa facilities, operated by the QC Terme Spa and Resort, brand includes architecturally beautifully designed:

in doors and out doors, pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and all king of water drips, for large groups or small intimate ones, are absolutely amazing and non which ever encountered before ,.. and I have been around... There are also massage and facial services, using the QC cosmetic brand creams.

A Morning power walk at the enchanting wooded park, just next to the hotel. under the looming mountainous rock.

Unexpected Delight

While walking up the mountains, an Opera singer with was practicing her arias in the woods, filling the entire forest with her great voice

Dinner at "Le Motte "- Restaurant & Pizzeria/Bar -

Località le Motte, Via alla Corva, 3, 23030 Valdisotto Tel: 0342 901645

Last eve with Inbal & Leo

It was the 5th and last day, which Inbal and Leo spent with us, on this Alps White Snow trip, before they took off, by train, all the way to Rome, where they would reunite with Amit and Alex. for a weekend together.

To be continued....


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