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Travel: Moorea, Last 2 Days May 19-20/2022

The 6th post of a trip (here) which started on May 10/2022

We pretty much exhausted all that Moorea can offer in the 10 days stay on

this magical South Pacific island, prior to our sail on the Aranui freighter. (May 21)

Below are additional photos of the stay on the Island

Moorea's Mountains

Cultivated field of Pine Apple on the mountain's slop

Churches at Cook's Bay

Opunohu Bay

Chicken little Roaming around


In addition to the Hilton and the Sofitel hotels which are the best on the island

and are situated on the beach,

another reasonable decent places is:

Legend Residence Resort (NOT on the beach) +689 87 33 37 56

Upscale spacious villas to rent on a slop of a mountain with amazing sea views

The fake palm at the photo is one of many on the island, serves as a decorative cellular pole that blends with

the local nature and is environmentally friendly.

After a long hassle, my kindle which was forgotten on the plane on May 11th, was finally found 2 days ago. A long correspondence with Air Tahiti Nui and an insistence to start an inquiry to what had happened to the kindle that was definitely left on the plane's seat,

eventually, yielded results . A Papette's courier , recommended by the hotel , picked it up at the airport and brought the kindle back to the hotel in Moorea, on May 18th. for a fair price. So miracles ... do happen... if you persist..

By By Moorea

To be continued....


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