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Lili resides in California and Israel and has, in between these two homes, traveled the world.....


Previously, Lili worked for Centocor, the first antibody company in the world, Holland. She was an affiliate of Silicom Ventures, an Angel Investment group operating in the Silicon Valley, where she assisted with business development activities and summit programming, both in the US and Israel.


She served as the representative of Israel’s Technion University, in the West Coast/Silicon Valley, and as the Bay Area, California representative of the Jerusalem-based think tank, the Israel Institute of Democracy.


Lili co-founded the Hebrew Cultural Circle in Berkeley, California, has been affiliated with two Torah study groups, and has served on the boards of Bay Area nonprofits, including San Francisco's JCRC  and the East Bay Jewish Film Festival.


Lili grew up in Haifa, Israel, where she attended Leobeck High School after which she served for two years in the Israeli army. She holds bachelor degrees in Geography, Sociology and Social Work from the University of Haifa, Israel, and an MA degree in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota.


She is the mother of two brilliant daughters, and a grandmother of two adorable grandchildren, whom she co-pampers with her husband, David, her partner for travel and an expert consultant on food and adventurous living.

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