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STORY: On Spring and Spirit Israel, June 27/2021

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Prior to our departure of 2 weeks to Greece, a chain of conspicuous occurrences

struck this year spring's season.

Nature bears the bewildering indifference to life's heartbreaking miseries.

The tsunami -wave of Alpha Corona pandemic, barely weathered away, yet Israel got further plagued by additional calamities.

Delta variant "force" -the Indian strain version, already infiltrated the country with returning travelers from abroad.

Regression in movement restriction, and limitations on freedom practices are now being progressively back in the future..

The "Guardian of the Walls" war round, against an Islamic murderous Terror organizations, flamed-out, invoking also uprising riots of Israeli Arabs in mixed cities, and burning man-made fires, in the south and North of the country.

A stampede at a religious celebration on Meron Mt. and bleachers collapse at a Jerusalem Hassidic synagogue, ended horribly with many fatalities.

Yet, Spring glided into this second painful year, with an amazing purple blooms of Jacaranda trees' and blazing red of Flame trees.

Election results that 2 weeks ago, brought about a political change, gave birth to an Israeli Unity Gov. The crucial outcome was experienced as a blessing to half of the country, and as a curse to the other loosing half.

Only time will tell, if the change will bring about a political spring, in which a peaceful co-existence and prosperous future will sprout, as the alternative is not a valid option.

Resumption of Cultural events, flourished this season bringing about intoxicating pleasure to many. .

From among the several excellent Theater plays we were lucky to enjoy, the Israeli version of Neil Simon play "Jack's Women", and Shalom Alechem play named " "Zakopane" were my favorite.

Zakopane - a town in the extreme south of Poland, a popular destination for mountaineering, skiing, and tourism, was an attraction to Polish Jews of the 19c, as to the 3 women in the play, who could afford vacationing there.

Miki Kam and Lea Kennig - 2 diva actresses of the Habima National Theater, gave an outstanding performance, at this delightful play, which is highly recommend.

Yet, the most "astounding" in an accentric theatrical way, was a mega razzle-dazzle production, a "space-out" experience, on Saturday eve (June 26), just 2 nights prior to our real flying out, to which we were invited by our dear friends - Shilo and Idit,

The grand private "Summer Party", as the elaborate invitation indicated,

took place at "Ronit Farm" (Chavat Ronit)

This stunning large Event Compound, which is situated off the main Shore HWY, only 18 minutes drive North of Tel Aviv, is spread-out over 70 acres of natural green sanctuary, containing a small artificial lake, several celebratory hot-spots, and an impressive amphitheater cascading dwon from a steep man- made hill.

Yoval and his "refurbished" and strikingly preserved beautiful wife - Einat - the event's hosts are comfortably charted, at the narrow peak of the Israeli social/economic pyramid. In their early 60th, the couple is definitely not bashful at flashing-out this fortunate fact, In public, neither were they shy, to expose their robust spirited, generous loving selves.

"Life was celebrated" a quote from Ronit farm's web-page, which indeed delivered on its promise, at this mega audio -visual festive spectacle, earnestly produced, by the glamorous duo..

The video projected onto the huge stage's screen, ran a loop, in which Einat's image -bigger than in life - was spread all over the screen.

She was photographed, on the background of several desirable vacation scenery, posing as a supermodel, revealing more than concealing, attractive body parts. while dressed in a serial of glamorous designer dresses, created by the Italian luxury fashion Versace ,

A multi-pieces flowery Versace hot-couture dress was also the formal garment which greeted the incoming guests.

The dramatic appearance of the hot-couture dress with Eient in it, a copy reminder of Lady Gaga Met Gala (2019) event, was accompanied by her adoring husband, a crew of drummers, and photographers' entourage.

Gliding "royally", from the top row of the amphitheater, down the hill, toward the performance stage, was quite an astonishing spectacle.

By the time she made it up the stage, pieces of the hot- couture creation, were peeled off her, leaving a bare minimum short dress embracing tightly her full firm body.

The sound of the cheering crowd below, got lost within the Latino rhythmic music played by a live large band, stationed on the performance stage, where also Brazilian dancers dressed in carnival flashy costumes, kept frantically swaying, to the pounding beat.

Pyromaniac performers were shooting fire, Mexican chiquitats with fruit looms on their heads were jittering through the night, as did the floating white angels, all frantically swaying to the beat of the drummers and band.

Drown cameras hovering above the hoopla and over our heads kept filming and projecting the entire mega production, onto the screen.

Great food and plenty of drinks were displayed in attractive stands, spread-out across the large party space, serving throughout the long night, the approximated 500 hundred invitees, most of whom were much younger then us, and probably were the friends and acquaintances of the couple's 3 children.

Close to midnight a second live band, a pop one, took over the stage, and in addition to the host-couple, who occupied it throughout the event ,dancing, parting and addressing the guests, the major live entertainment started rolling....

The popular Israeli musical pop duo composed of the singers Liraz Russo (aka Static) and Ben El Tavori, showed up and riled up the excited crowd who kept dancing to their rhythmic beat, or joining in a sing along.

Following the duo's ecstatic performance, the American-Israeli singer whose music fuses elements of eastern "Mizrahi" (Oriental-Middle Eastern) and Western pop instrumentation, took over the stage, and continued to excite the already frantic pack.

Since David's and my own musical orientation, is still stuck in the era when singers such as: Arik Einstein and Chava Alberstein...were popular, we both felt so outdated and out of our element, with the musical repertoire, as with the Versace theme-line, or the production's glitz, though we did our best to "stream along" with experiencing the fantasia.

Involved in my past professional life with fundraising, my head couldn't stop spinning scenarios of philanthropic causes, which could have been supported with the estimated half a million, probably spent on such grandiose production.

Way passed midnight when our aging senses and sensibilities couldn't take any longer

the overwhelming carnival's sounds and sights, we thanked our friends, and politely departed to our, less sensational, but more realistic bed dreams...

At the BG Airport

Face covering at the airport's indoor halls, is now mandatory "back in fashion"..

Before we took off, the airport was only 1/3 full,at the early morning hour, but lines at the El-Al counter were long.

Luckily we had all the necessary health bureaucratic paperwork intact, so the departure experience passed uneventfully.

Travel sharing on our experiences of the Greek Peloponnese will continue in the

consecutive postings.

Stay tuned....


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