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Travel: Beragamo, Italy Feb 15/2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

We woke up to a white morning. The first snow fall of the season, covered the entire

Alta city. The white carpeted panoramic views disappeared within a deep fog.

as the white faded ,and turned into rain, down in the lower ciry

The hotel's restaurant is known for its specialties, thus also the tailored made breakfast including my strawberry pancakes were an a creation of art and most tasty.

Down to the Citta Bassa- Lower Town

The ride with the funicular from where our hotel is above the citta Alta, to the Colle Aporto gate, and then continuing the ride by bus #1A whose station is just around the corner, of where the funicular entry is, got us down in 20 minutes ride.

Porta Nuova. site, of Citta Bassa- Lower city center where we spent most of the day.

That is the more modern part of town, though both Bergamo alta and Bergamo bassa (Bergamo upper and lower town) have cable cars, medieval, Venetian structures, and other historic monuments. Still, Its streets are much wider, the buildings have neoclassical touches, the squares are inter-connected and open promenades line the central district adorned which is with shopping stores, cafes, and restaurants.

The main streets we walked through and which cross each other were

XX Settembre (a pedestrians only with shops) and

Via Papa GiobaniXXIII - a major traffic route in town

Culture and Archetucture

The Commedia Dell' Arte - a comedy of improvisation - originated in Bergamo in mock of the rustics and nobility of the region - stupid but cunning fellos

Teatro Donizetti.

A centerpiece of Bergamo’s lower town, is the Gaetano Donizetti Theatre. at

Piazza Matteotti

Originally built in the 1780s, it burned down in 1797 and was rebuilt and opened in 1800. The original name of the theatre was Riccardi Theatre (Teatro Riccardi), but it was changed in 1897 to honor Gaetano Donizetti , a local composer, on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Guided tours of the theatre are available

Statue of Donizetti next to the theater

The composer Donizetti (1897-1848) a native Bergamo boron, best known for his almost 70 operas and the prolific author of Pasquale and Lucia di Lammermoor

A plaque indicaing of his residential.

Torre dei Caduti - Tower of the Fallen on Piazza Vittorio Veneto

.The tower was built as a 20th c war memorial tower inaugurated by Benito Mussolini on October 27, 1924, to honor the citizens of Bergamo killed during World War I.

45m tall and and designed by Marcello Piacentini. it contains the history of the modern city center.

Other City Center Buildings

Monument of the Resistance

A monument donated to the city by Giacomo Manzù, Bergamo’s greatest contemporary sculptor, in memory of his parents and to all the heroes of the Italian Resistance.

Manzu's father was a shoemaker. Other than a few evening art classes, he was self-taught in sculpture, and later became a professor himself..

Luisa Spagnioli Brand

My favorite Italian designer is Luisa Spagnili , the founder of also the "Bachi-Kiss" chocolate, which was originated in Peruggia.

There are 2 stores of this great brand in the center of the Lower Town, As all has been 50% off for some time, it is worth a visit. even if just to enjoy the fashion.

With Love from the Lower Town

Dinner at a very good 3 generation family establishment in the upper city

Da Mimo - Restaurant - Via Bartolomeo Colleoni, - There are 3 eating places, right next to each other with this family name:

A bistro , a sea food place and the main restaurant which is recommended.

To be continued...


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