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Travel: Lugano to Bergamo, Italy Feb 14/2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

The 2 nights stay and lake scenery at Lugano, came to an end today,

So did the good weather, which changed to grey sky, and a rain drizzle alternating to lite snow flakes dust, depending on the elevation, we drove through.

Departing lake Lugano on the Melide crossing

The non-tall route, we chose to proceed on passed via:

Melide, - a Swiss village which lies directly on the Lake of Lugano. and very close to Monte San Salvatore . The Melide causeway to the east, which we crossed, was built to make it possible to cross to Bissone and to allow a north-south highway to be built.

Chiasso, another Swiss village on the border with Italy and a customs center

Como - a town near the south tip of lake Como and the Alps , and a major tourist destination

Crossing the Border to Italy

Back in Italy

A Drastic change in Scenery

Not only that traffic was heavy and moved slower, but the scenery, after beautiful Lugano surroundings, was very non -appealing.

Loads of crawling huge trucks jamming the routes and off the road-sides.

architecturally unattractive and condensed clusters of grey buildings, commercial zones and industrial warehouses, as well as many railways tracks, was the main monotonous scenery

Why Bergamo?

The incidental tourist would pass, without thinking to stop at Bergamo on his/her way to or from Millano , let alone spend the night there.

Yet, this "best kept secret town" has a lot to offer, and is delightful to explore

The small "mountain home" town with a population of around 120,000, Bergamo is the 4th largest city in Lombardy.

It is laid out in tiers:

The lower, modern città bassa

The upper, older città alta, composed of an old walled core,

On the way to the citta alta

Cita alta

The upper town is encircled by massive Venetiandefensive systems that are a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site since 2017

That part of Bergamo, which interested us the most offers a rich variety of history, architecture, Vistas and great food.

Largo Colle Aperto - One of the Gates in the upper town

Upper Powder Magazine Storage (1580-2 built by the Venetians)

Piazza Lorenzo Mascheroni - Citte Alta

Hotel we stayed in - Relais san Vigilio

Above the Alta city, at the top of the mountain, from which the views of the town below are spectacular. Right off the hotel, a funicular station runs a service every 15 minutes

down to the Old city, and from there another funicular to the lower city

Via Al Castelo, Bergamo Alta, 39 035 26 50 987

Once housing an important garrison dating back to the 6thc of the San Vigilio castle,

the charming boutique Oberge/ hotel, of only 9 rooms is a unique and exclusive place

Dinner at the Old City

Albergo Ristorante-pizzeria

Via B.Colleoni - Bergamot Alta 035 218238

Happy Valentine Day

The fabulous most perfect petty-fuhrer and chocolate we spoiled ourselves with

Cavour Patisserie/Chocollateria (here)

Via Combito - Bergamo Alta +39 035.243418 /

The café- pâtisserie Cavour 1880 in Bergamo Alta belongs to the chain of the ‘Locali Storici d’Italia’.. It has always been a meeting place for Bergamo poets gathered in the ancient "Duchy of Pontida" thanks to Bergamo Alta's location around the Teatro Sociale, a historic point of reference for artists


To be continued.....


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