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Travel: Moorea's Beaches & Dinning Tahiti, May 15&16/2022

Updated: May 20, 2022

The 4th post of a trip (here) which started on May 10/2022

Four days stay, at one place in the lovely Hilton, were sufficient, thus a move to another part on the North West side of the island, where the water is more tranquil and bluer , took place today.

Good-By-s were, exchanged with the new acquaintances, we made at the Hilton, about whom I wrote in the previous post, and who added to our stay here, a more special experience.

So Thank You - David, Sabrina and son Nat, from San Diego, Inna and George from Foster City, as well as the past Nevada's Senator John and his wife Silvana, all who are also residing in in our state CA. We do hope to stay in touch.

Completing the Island's circumference of 37 miles with our rental car, all around the island, on the Island's one main ring-road, takes about one hour, ,only to drive in a complete circle, through its small communities villages. of about 17,000 inhabitants,

Moorea's South-eastern part of he Island

We realized during that drive. that the much less dramatic landscape of the south eastern part of the island, also lacks in sand beaches, in accommodations and restaurants,

On the way to the Northwest part of the Island

More sandy beaches, restaurants, and dramatic scenery are concentrated on the northwestern areas of the Island where we stayed,

Fruit gathering on the way

The other Moorea Hotel

After a stay at the lavish Hilton, any Hotel on the beach of Moorea is a falloff... but this

"Moorea Beach Island Hotel" is especially a dinky one.. though its only 12 super modest rustic Bungalows, are situated on the beautiful, less dense white sand beach -north bay,, of the Hauru Haapiti area.

The beach and water are great, but access to the water through the coral reef, is not.

Moorea Beach Island Hotel

The Tiki Village's sand beach area, also at the Northwest part of the island is less dense as well, with wonderful water, and coral snorkeling.

So is the beach next to the Sofiotel

By Coco Beach the motu Tiahura off Hauru Point

Dinning on the Island

Though the Polynesian territory's name has the world "French" in it , the standard of cooking, is as remote from French gourmet cuisine, as is France itself.

The island's local fresh fruits are great , but that is the extant of the superlative shared.

Usually the food at the more upscale Hilton's, Manava's and Sofital's hotels is on the average better, but pricey, and the dining areas are more beautiful and inviting,

The Sofitel Hotel

Sofiotel Beach

Food at the restaurants around the island is as pricey as in those hotels, but on average

also more disappointing., and the physical space, is not that appealing in most.


A small in-doors restaurant, in the center of the Island named Rody's , which for some unexplained reasons, marketed its name to fame, unjustly, is popular among tourists . The one meal we had there, and not to return, was very averaged.

Moorea Beach Cafe by Bruno Jamis Special Sunset Menu between 5 to 6 pm, is a well worthwhile tasty deal.

The place is just opposites of Rudy"s, on

the beach side, and is also known for its

great Pizzas and divine sunsets

A better dinning can be expected at this much more invested Holy Steak House

restaurant, situated on the mountain-side at the western part of the Island,

The place is beautifully designed, has a terrace overlooking the Pacific, and so far,

is our favorite.. (it also offers sea food)

The Steak House's decorative enticing photos

Moor Dinning Places

Small Polynesian food restaurant with sand on the floor

A popular reasonable place for lunch only, by the lagoon water. Get very busy so the earlier arrival the better is the service . Mahi-Mahi or the parrot fish are recommended

Carameline Patisserei

A very reasonable and fast lunch, out doors place on the mountain side, offering great patisseries, which we indulge on.

Pre-order only


More Island's Flora

Twilight at the Island Beach Hotel

To be continued....


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