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Travel: Paris, FIAC - Art Fair, Day 2 Oct. 20th/2019

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Place : Paris - FIAC - Art Fair- Day 2

Date: Sunday Oct. 20th 2019

Strolling under the umbrella, all bundled up, on a Parisian cold and gloomy day, was not that painful, once encountering the marvelous outdoor FIAC art pieces, on display for the enjoyment of the public, between the Tuileries Gardens all the way toward Place de la Concorde and then ending at Place VenDome

At the Tuileries Gardens

Here are a few pieces which intrigued me and which I named by free association.

The "Bathing Trio" by Alex Katz from Brooklyn USA

The "Alligator" by Stefan Rinck from Hamburg Germany

The "Thumb" by Cesar, French Marseille (1921-1998)

I mentioned him before( on Oct 7th) when spoting the Metal Horse-Centaur Statue at at Place Michele Debre.

"Car Wreck" by Romuaid Hazoume ,Banin

"Mushroom" by Sylvie Fleury , Geneva

"Tying the Knot" by Ida Ekblad , Oslo

"Cleaning the Swamp" by Tomi Ungerer Strasbourg France

By Place de la Concorde

"Rowing Pedals Ring" by Moataz Nasser Alexandria Egypt

At Place VenDome

"Giant Pumpkin" by Yoyo Kusama , Japanese was placed by removed,

The gigantic pumpkin was set on Oct. 14, and Initially said to remain until Oct. 21, but was removed this Thursday Oct. 17, due to the rainy weather. Same as we missed it.

En savoir plus sur

Walking back to the Metro, on the famous commercial street - rue Rivoli parallel to the Tuileries Gardens, we encountered 2 long lines of people waiting patiently, to get into these famously popular establishments: "La Patisserrie du Meurice" and "Angelina" situated on each side of the historic elegant Le Meurice Hotel

"Le Meurice Hotel" - Historic Hotels of the World- 228 Rue de Rivoli

This 18 c original palace, situated across the Tuileries Garden was restored, refurbished and remodeled a few times. It was decorated in the Louis XVI style and also in 2007, it was renovated under the famous designer Philippe Starck.

The hotel was founded by French postmaster, Charles-Augustin Meurice (born 1738) and opened as a luxury hotel in 1815 accommodating since then the rich and famous, numerous kings, sultans, and other eminent guests were inspired and hosted like

Dalí and Zola to Warhol and Dylan.

Changing few ownership's hands the hotel since 1997 is owned and managed by the Brunei Investment Agency's Dorchester Collection.

For pastries and sweet lovers:

"La Patisserrie du Meurice par the Chef Cedric Grolet" - 6 Rue de Castiglione,

The Le Meurice and its artistic pastry chef Cederic Grolet opened its first pastry boutique pastry in 2018 around the corner from the hotel.

"Angelina" Tea room, hot chocolate and pastries -226 Rue de Rivoli,

A landmark for gourmet Parisian cakes and pastries. Famous belle époque architect - Edouard-Jean Niermans, designed the attractive decor of the place

If you into Handbag/luggage - "Goyard" Brand Name is a name you have to know if not yet heard. Founded in 1853 this high end super pricey French brand name - maker of leather goods, trunk and bags is known for a certain amount of secrecy, eschewing self-promotion, and is older than Louis Vuitton by one year.

François Goyard (1828–1890) produced box making. Edmond Goyard (1860–1937) expanded his business from 1885 to 1937. Robert Goyard (1893–1979) was the face of the brand during the booming post-war years. François Goyard played a significant role in further increasing the firm's growth with his daughter Isabelle Goyard (1959-). Jean-Michel Signoles bought Goyard in 1998, and turned the privately owned company into an internationally renowned brand.

To be continued...


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