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Travel: Paris -Francis Bacon at the Pompidou Oct 21/2019

Place : Paris - Bacon at the Pompidou

Date: Monday- Oct. 21th 2019

Business trip summoned David to London today, and gave me the opportunity to finally see, at my own path, the Francis Bacon special exhibit at Pompidou Center's 6 floor.

View from the Pompidou

Irish-born British figurative painter, known for his emotionally charged at times raw imagery, and fixation on personal motifs, had definitely evoked in me repulsive feelings.

He was very meticulous about his figurative illustrations, and obsessed about intense image precision, using imagination to reinvent realism. He was an avid reader, and the philosophy of Nietzsche, the tragedies of Aeschylus, the poetry of T.S Eliot, the novel of Conrad and other iconic pieces of literature, constituted the raw material and a powerful stimulus, for his imagination represented and expressed in his uber-realistic work.

His abstracted figures are typically isolated in geometrical cages with a focuses on a single subject for sustained periods, often in triptych or diptych formats, a variations on single motifs of male heads isolated in rooms, butchered animals and lone figures,

The exhibit focuses on works produced by Bacon in the last two decades of his career (from 1971 to 1992)

Since his death Bacon's reputation and market value have grown steadily, and his work is among the most acclaimed, expensive and sought-after

Once done with Bacon, I was glad to change the image scenery and enjoyed the classical impressionists,on the museum's 5th floor.






Floor # 4 at the Pompidou, is dedicated to, conceptual art, recycled material installations, and video imagery, and was the most difficult for me to relate to.

ThicketNet made of Headphone pieces by Israeli Born Maya Dunietz

A Piano Player,Composer and sound artist

Water Crossing by Greek artist Apostolos Georgio

After being "nourished" on an art diet, I went to meet with Ora.

Food Bites

Ora - my friend wanted to make sure I get the right meat eating experience at the perfect Parisian Steak-House, thus she was debating between the 2 options below:

The first at a popular express chain one.

The second, which we end up at, is one of the oldest steakhouse of Paris, a relaxed, traditional beautifully decorated, inside an Hotel named the same, and located in the 19th District

au boeuf couronne - 188 avenue Jean Jaurès,

The leisurely long lunch with Ora, at au boeuf couronne , was great and worth the trouble of making the trip up north to the 19th district, which we explored after the hefty meal, and about which I will write more, at the next Travel Log.

To be Continued....


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