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Travel: Paris On the West Side of the Left Bank (15th district) Nov. 10 /2019

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Place : Paris - On the West Side of the Left Bank (District 15)

Date: Nov. 10 /2019

We ventured, today, to the streets in the southwest side of the Seine's left bank, and left of the École Militaire, a monument built of a stone quarried from what once was the local village Vaugirard's quarry

La Motte Picquet Grenelle Metro station, brought us to this

area, which was once the former site of the villages Grenelle and Vaugirard. Vaugirard was built along an ancient Roman road, and specialized in wine-making, as well as quarrying. Later in 1860 Vaugirard, along with adjoining villages, was annexed and this village suburb became part of the 15th District. The neighboring Grenelle area was alos originally a village of the same name. which broke off from the commune of Vaugirard in 1830, becoming the commune of Grenelle, then was in turn annexed to Paris in 1860.

District 15-Quinzième on its 4 quarters , of which we wondered today in 2 of them, is the most populated in the city, and it shares the Montparnasse district with the 6th and 14th districts.

"Parc Georges-Brassens", a public park in the area which opened in 1984 and built between rue des Morillons and rue de Périchaux, on the former site of a fish market, horse market and slaughterhouse, (from1894 and 189), It gradually closed down between 1969 and 1979, with some old market structures preserved. Named for the French popular singer Georges Brassens (1921–1981) who lived in the neighborhood. His songs are not heard in the park, voices of

the birds on the beautiful trees, and bees in the beehive ( honey is sold on site one Saturday a month) can definitely be heard as well as those of kids who enjoy the swings, pony rides and puppet theatre.


"La Village Suisse" -Swiss village Antique and art Galleries

78 Avenue de Suffren. It is definitely worth visiting.

A 1900 unique pedestrian exclusive assemble of antiques shops, decoration and modern art galleries.

area was once the site of a Swiss Village for an international expo.

On Rue Alexandre Cabanel there are 2 small statues opposite each other from the 1800.

One is Square Garibaldi from 1880 with a marble statue monument in the middle of the park, dedicated to the Italian politician Giuseppe Garibaldi, which was donated to Paris by the French-Italian League.and the other Square Cambronne, created in 1881 and is dedicated and named in honour of Pierre Jacques Cambronne, the Viscount a French General. It has an animal statue of a lion located within called "Drame au Desert" or "Arab in the Wilderness"

Both squares/parks feature beautiful lime trees and playgrounds

Off rue Grenelle and not far from the Eiffel tower there is a great tucked away shopping street, with small trendy shoppes, boutiques and dining establishments.

"Le Cafe du Commerce" is a recommended Brasserie

51 Rue Du Commerce

Right at the end of the Commerce street, a signature small community church, conveniently offering mass and confession opportunity should over-shopping indulgence regrets and remorse rises... "Saint jean Baptiste de Grenelle"

A 1930 square park created to reconstruct and t clean up what was once factory and its foundations. Architect Georges Sébille replaced the contaminated earth with clean soil and used the hole to make a small lake, a functioning fountain surrounded by an amphitheatre of parkland.The park has beautiful flowers, trees now changing colors , statues and is fun to visit

Ballet at "Palais de Congress" - 2 Place de la Porte Maillot

Opera National de Russie - Dancing Bolero

Hommage to Maurice Ravel

a concert venue, convention centre and shopping mall at the Porte Maillot in the 17th, built by French architect Guillaume Gillet, and was inaugurated in 1974 Grand Amphithéâtre: 3,723 seats Amphithéâtre Bordeaux: 650 seats TV studio

"Le Congress Maillot" Seafood restaurant Porte Maillot

L'Ouberge Dab seafood Brasserie Maillort

To be continued...


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