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Travel: Positano, Italy. Oct 6th 2023

A continuation of a trip that started on Oct 3rd/2023

Napoli - Oct 3rd (part 1)

Capri - Oct 4th (part 2)

Sorrento- oct 5th (part 3)

This fourth day of our family's mutual short visit to that Southern part of Italy is remembered as a "car problems" day,.. As if a signaling omen, meant to alert us to get prepared for a much more turbulent times....

With no traffic, the half an hour drive, on the narrow widening road from Sorrento to Pozitano, is an enjoyable affair. However bumper to bumper traffic, due to having section of the road, above the sea, were hijacked and closed off by some film maker, who dispatched racing motorcycles, again and again, and thus made our driving experience that morning, quite tedious.

The views, however, off the serpentine road above the sea are spectacular

This most charming cliff-side Positano village on the Amalfi Coast. is well-known holiday destination, which we too stayed in, for a night, about 10 years ago, so were glad to return

Once veering off and down from the main road into the town's center, better to park the car half way down, in one of the many garages, and walk leisurely the rest, all the way below to the Marina Grande beach area, as we did, relieved to be out of the car.

Archaeological evidence of luxurious Roman villas being built on the coast of the Sorrento Peninsula dates back to the 1 BC and settling in Positano at around 100 BC

The "Grotto La Porta" by beach strip was already frequented by gatherers and hunters. in much earlier times

Serving as a port of the Amalfi Republic in medieval times, Positano became a wealthy market port during 15-17C, c and has only continued to grow in popularity over time.

A relatively poor fishing village after the town had fallen on hard times in the 19th c and more than half of its population emigrated(mostly to America) it started attracting large number of tourists in the 1950s, especially after John Steinbeck published his essay about Positano in Harper's Bazaar (May 1953)

The today's sophisticated resort town and its picturesque seascapes has earned Positano the" jewel" of southern Italy's Amalfi Coast,

Colorful cliff-hanger buildings overlooking the Mediterranean , steep slopes and stairs, narrow congested allies overflowing with countless restaurants and strolling tourists browsing the endless old-world charm trinket shops and quaint boutiques, at which lemon-themed ceramics, and artisan leather goods, are sold, all the way to the small Grande beach strip.

The seaside iconic dome of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta church, serves as an instructive "lighthouse" showing the way down to the Marina Grande beach.

The Marina Grande beach at the base of the cliff side is the most recognized beach in the town, into which all visiting tourists come down into at the end of the stroll in town.

Other popular beaches include Fornillo beach (the second largest beach in Positano) and Arienzo beach

Positano was showcases in numerous TV

films and series

1996 television miniseries, Positano (miniseries). Italian diplomat, Vito Positano.

On the way up from the beach, we were delighted to stop by, once again at

this hidden gem villa hotel, at which we spent one night, many many years ago, and which I all heartily recommend to stay in, if spending the night or at least stop by to visit.

Villa Palazzo Murat

Via dei Mulini, 23, 84017 Positano.

4 minutes walk away from the beach, hidden, from the main path and surrounded by jasmine, succulent plants, and palm trees, situated is an 18th C historic villa a patrician residence which once served as the sumptuous summer residence of Gioacchino Murat,(1767 - 1815) Napoleon Bonaparte's brother-in-law and King of Naples.

The originally private residence which has remained in the family for generations and now is an absolutely stunning hotel, comprises of two buildings, and a very well known restaurant.

The greatest legacy of the Murat palace are the Botanical Gardens of the hotel, comprised of rich scented citrus trees, Palm trees and blazing red bougainvillea

Annoyed by the volume of visitors and stuffed with delicious Gelatto, we drove back to Sorrento, where we were due to spend together our last night, But not before also being aggravated by car problems needing our attention.

Inbal's and Amit's rental car made weird alarming noises on the drive back to Sorrento

and they worry it wouldn't make it back safely and on time back to Rome, were they initially rented and had to return it at.

All their efforts when contacting the rental car, to change the car in Sorrento, or drop it off in Napoli , as to avoid unexpected complications, and instead take the train to Rome to catch the following day, the evening flight back to Israel, were in vain.

Regrettably they were left with no choice, but to drive that car early morning of Oct 7th back to Rome.

To be continued....


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