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Travel : Valpolicella-Riva del Garda Italy, (Part 1) July, 3/2022

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

The segment travel to Venice, Italy starting on June 23rd, and until the 28th, is dedicated to the visit in the 2022 Biennale Arte, (work in progress). This segment is dedicated to a visit in Valpolicella wine country , and 1st day in Lake La Garda.

Valpolicella Wine Region

Once the rented car we manged to reserve in Verona got loaded with what has been expanded accumulated, we sadly departed Verona, heading mid-morning, to the

close-by wine region

The way from Verona throughout the country hilly verdant agricultural landscape, was doted with rolling vineyards , small farm houses' and attractive small boutique Estate wineries.

Valpolicella Wine Region

The hilly agricultural and marble-quarrying region of small holdings north of the Adige in the province of Verona, east of Lake Garda, is famous for wine production.

Winemaking in the region has existed since at least the time of the ancient Greeks

The red wine known as Valpolicella is typically made from three grape varieties:

Marano district

Valpolicella Classico is made from grapes grown in the original Valpolicella production zone.

A variety of wine styles is produced in the area, including a reciotodessert wine and Amarone, - strong wine made from dried grapes - or raisins, sweet and dry.

Novia Winery

Novaia Winery - Reservations are needed.

We tasted the sweet Recioto wine, which reminded us of a sweet a Port wine by taste, at a recommended NOVAIA winery. Situated about 30 minutes drive away from Verona

The 15 c old manor structure surrounded by an amazing view of vineyards at the Marano, has been owned since the 18th c by the Vaona family. .

Ana the host at the winery was happy to show us around and explain about the specific of the region's wine production, even though we apologized that we needed to skip the wine tasting due to the long day drive awaited us..

Novaia Winery

Marano di Valpolicella


The view from the Winery


Valpolicella to Lake Del Garda

Leaving the wine country behind

San Pietro in Cariano


Passing the small resort towns on the Garda Lake's South East side

Lake del Garda Driving from the Valpolicella wine region and along the Garda lake - the largest Alpine lake in Italy-was quite slow over the weekend.

After passing Lazise Bardolino, Garda and Torri, we decided to stop and search for a lodging..

The horrible heat wave compelled David to compromise on the hotel conveniences, for the sake of dipping in the cold lake water


Only 30 km drive off Verona Bardolino is s set at the feet of the morainic hills covered with olive groves and vineyards. It is most picturesque known touristic village on the eastern shore .Beautiful old town center with its alleys, numerous stores, typical restaurants and t long promenades along the lakes shore.along with the production of the famous red wine Bardolino or of the Rosé Chiaretto, are all which made the place attractive destination

Punta Mirabello and Punta Cornicello are two small, picturesque peninsulas that stretch from the village into the water.

The visit at the village was short. Although most charming with beautiful gardened hotels

the village seemed to be packed, and exploring the lake further was more attractive in this first part of the day.


The name Garda, which the lake has been referred to in documents dating to the 8th c, comes from the town of the same name. It is evolved from the Germanic word warda, meaning "place of guard", "place of observation" or "place of safety".

The small town is also a main most popular Lake's resort destination

Garda is set in a picturesque wide horseshoe bay offering most beautiful beaches on the lake: the Mermaids’ Bay in Punta San Vigilio, and with many cafes, shops and restaurants

one of the smallest towns in the whole province.

The historical center of the town, with its narrow streets, is still intact.

Villa degli Albertini (16th c) with its magnolia trees,

Palazzo dei Capitani (Captain's Palace), a pale-yellow edifice built in Venetian Gothic style (14th century)

Palazzo Carlotti, built in Renaissance style

Driving toward Tori del Benaco

Torri del Benaco

The picturesque ancient fishing village of about 3000, at the foot of Mt Baldo -

Torri del Benaco is located about 38 km from Verona, and consists of few small villages (Albisano, Pai, Crero and Ca' Tronconi.)

The Village, on its small quaint harbour -which still retains the lavish merchants home, the narrow street allies, and squares dotted with many shops and cafes,is surrounded by medieval walls and towers, that makes it one of the most beautiful villages on the Garda Lake, And that was also a good reason for us to stay over-night there.

It was inhabited since ancient times but became an important fort and village during Roman times. Since then had experienced other conquerors, all leaving a mark

The historical center on its medieval walls and towers. is next to the small harbour

The "Castello Scaligero", a 14th-c castle that belonged to the Scaliger family,(the one originally from Verona and after which also the the Milan's La Scala is named), which perhaps occupies the site of an ancient Roman castrum. houses, now a days the ethnographical museum, (more on the village's history)

The Castle at the old city center

and the "Limonaia", - a lemon garden which dates back to the year 1760.

Old town's center by the Harbour

The "Palzzo del Consiglio della Gardesana", which was built in the 14th c is today a well known hotel , as well as the clock tower previously known as "Torre del Comun" and in medieval times a meeting point of the "Vicina", a convention of all family heads negotiating about joint business, can all be seen as can the baroque church

"Santi Pietro e Paolo", (and other churches)

The weekly market takes place every Monday.

Contemplating in which restaurant to eat...

The Art at the Lakeside Promenade

The "Restaurant row" on the Lakeside promenade

Restaurant chosen

Osteria del 4 - Torri del Benaco

Right by the water, a very good sea-food place

The overnight at this charming B&B Villa, off the road, on the opposite side of the lake and next to a great though pebble beach, with easy access to the water, was a compromise, after a long day of driving and a short patience to search for another place.

And although David really enjoyed his swimming in the cold lake, this last vacant room we rented, that particular night, turned unexpectedly to be a nightmare....

B&B Villa CorteOlivo Via Giovanni Verga 5 Torri del Benaco Lago di Garda 393485925782. 393494433177 393485423651

This property facing the beachfront , is 1 minute walk from the good beach of Tori. . The 5 rooms have a private bathroom and some have lake views.

Villa CorteOlivo offers a shared lounge and a garden, a terrace, free Wi-Fi and and free private parking.

It is a family run property, which was purchased only last year by a mother and daughter who also operate the Bar at the Lake's beach and other beach facilities.

Unfortunately, we discovered, too late, that the AC collapsed at the villla, and these new owners failed to fix it. Thus spending one of the hottest hummed night, without a functioning AC , and without a wisp of breeze, was a true hellish ending, to one of the

days in a lake place, that otherwise, was most beautiful.

To be Continued...


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