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Travel: Whit Snow Vacation Muottas Muargl to Bormio, Feb 9/2022

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

A break at the popular winter sport Alpine destination is the best antidote to recuperate from stressful events. This visit to the Alps, is a true self-preservation.

Before departing the hypnotic Alpine Engadine valley and landscape, a Funicular ride to the top of an heavenly scenic panoramic point - Muottas Muagl, located only 10 minutes drive, away from St Moritz, was a true "food for the soul"

Operating hours of the Funicular

In addition to the stunning white panoramic vistas from the top, where several of the Alpine majestic peaks are in full view , steep toboggan run for sledding, ski tracks, and hiking trail, as well as off the snowy cliff para-sailed are full offered,

Snowy cliff para-sailing

View from the top of St. Moritz

kids' play ground, where Leo had much fun gliding on an Omega facility, as well as several Relaxation accommodation - to bath in the hot winter sun, an hotel, and culinary excellence at the Panorama Restaurant., can all be found at the snowy mountainous top .

Leo on the Omega

On our hike at the top, via the Philosophers trail, the view of St Moritz, and few other small towns nestling peacefully under the white snow cover, along the elongated most sunny Engadine valley, was spectacular.

Fashion shooting at the Top

To our delight , an winter wear fashion shooting of the Armani brand, demonstrated by 2 fashion models, half naked, was taken, right on the snowy top, and attracting many curious by-passers, like us joining in the photographing.

It was time, in mid-day, to depart the stunning Swiss St Moritz landscape, and the fabulous Nira Alpina hotel, for the next distention situated at the Italian Alps

The high (2,328 m or 7,638 ft.) mountain pass crossing the Bernina Range of the Alps

is located on the border between eastern Switzerland and Italy,

It connectes the alpine resort town St. Moritz in the Engadine with the Italian Tirano in Val Poschiavo,

The 2 hours drive from St Moritz, to Bormio through the pass reveals most amazing scenic route.

On the Swiss side - looming high pointy heavy snow capped mountain ridges, with white plains in between,. While much lower with more tree covered and less snow is seen on the Alps, when approaching the Italian border.

More scenery on the way

La Prese glacial lake situated in Valposchiavo, an Italian-speaking valley

Getting closer to the Italian border

Crossing the Border

Campocologno is the last small town, located at the border between Italy and Switzerland, and is an intermediate railway station stop of the Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway

Tirano on the Italian side

A town in Northern Lombardy situated nearby the Catholic shrine of the Madonna di Tirano , thus a major tourist attraction., since the 1500

The Red line of the Bernina Railway which opened in 1910, connects St. Moritz with Tirano.

Our destination was to stay for 2 nights in the quaint town of Bormio

A thermal hot springs and popular winter sports resort destination, the town is situated in the Lombardy Northern region , at the top of the Valtellina,-a broad glacial valley formed by the Adda River that flows down into Lake Como.

The town is a site of the Alpine World Ski Championships in 1985 and 2005 and annually hosts the Alpine Ski World Cup

In addition to modern skiing facilities, the several hot springs in the area, provide water to 3 thermal baths. at : "Bagni Vecchi," "Bagni Nuovi" and "Terme di Bormio",

which long been a tourist attraction.

Members of the Roman aristocracy already traveled to Bormio in order to enjoy warm baths in the mountainous scenery. Bormio retains its unique medieval town centre, attracting many tourists, mainly Italian.

Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi

The Bagni Nuovi -Grand pink-painted classic hotel , seemed to be belonging to a previous era. It is set amongst the beautiful Stelvio National Park - one of the oldest protected areas in Italy,

The hotel features access to indoor and an outdoor Terme Bagni Nuovi. several attractive pools, as well as a spa with a beauty center, a sauna and a Turkish steam bath.

The lovely rooms on the 3rd floor , which we got, were overlooking the beautiful white capped mountainous landscape of Bormio.

To be continued...


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