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Travel : White Snow-Bormio to Livigno Italy, Feb 11/2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

With the weekend approaching, the Grand Bagni Nuovi Hotel we were staying at, got filled up by the incidental Spa lovers.

Human traffic into/ out the hotel's wet facilities, grew by volume, sound and intensity.

A drive to Livingo

It was a perfect day for an excursion to the next popular mountainous resort - Livingo.

to which a curvy narrow road lead us, up the mountain to a much higher and steeper snow carpeted altitude.

Between the 2 towns, Bormio has been more dominant and populous then Livingo.

On the way to Livingo

The view off the lower part of the Road

The villages on the way

Several ski runs and lifts imprinted the Alpine white slops in between the small Italian villages, freckling both side of the road leading to Levingo..

The Closer we got to Levingo the higher are the Alps and the vast are the white plains all carpeted by deep virgin snow.

Livingo - a Tax Free Resort Village

A charming popular resort village, 1,816 m (5,958 ft) above sea level, situated in the Italian Alps about 50 minutes drive away from Bormio.

The name Livingo, possibly comes from an old German word for "avalanche" which have always been frequent in the valley.

The last to hit the village was in 1951, causing much damage.

Livigno was once a traditional and cultural village and until the 1970s was a farming village.

Now a days it is a busily ski resort and it's economy is based on both winter and summer, tourism

Livingo seemed to be much busier with skiers, ski schools and wondering visitors then Bormio.

The village's many original old wooden log huts along its one elongated salami main shopping street, featuring many quint small hotels, bars, Cafes and few restaurants,

give it a special authentic feel

Wooden houses.

The village is duty-free zone, with goods sold at bargain prices, at the many sport wear and other various known brands stores, which attracts many locals and from abroad,

Eagerly frequenting the stores, many visitors are seen carrying. loads of shopping bags.

The weather kept changing from periodically peaking Sun, to lite snow flacks fall. Thus, we weren’t too disappointed to realize, that all the stores which live-off the shopping tourists, couldn't care less and actually closed for lunch-break, between

1:00- 2.30pm

Best Patisserie at the "Strinbock" Hotel A thorough search, made us discover this fantastic Patisserie in the entrance of a quint small B+B hotel Strinbock , right on the Via Rin- Main Street (Tel;39 0342 970520)

This Italian Patisserie served fantastic pastries and the best hot chocolate. The apple Strudel and Tiramisu we gobbled with the added Shlach Zounne, infused us with an energetic load of sugar and calories, as to keep us going for few weeks… However, we had no regrets, and we were definitely kept warm. and up..

It was time to return back

Dinner at a fabulous restaurant - Bormio

It was the best we had since we got to Italy

"Da Ricardo Ristorante" (39 0342904604)

The restaurant is located at this most charming hotel in the center of Bormio "Albergo San Lorenzo Hotel" - Via San Lorenzo - Bormio


And with this great meal our original 2 days stay, which were extended by an additional night stay, at lovely Bormio and the white Snow Alps came to an end.

To be continued...


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