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Story: Bloody Red Birthday... Haifa, Israel Feb. 2022

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Aquarius tranquil buckrt of WATER sadly encountered a BLOOD SPILL

This February, my Birth Date was spent in Haifa, nursing the one who gave birth and brought me to this mostly “wonderful“ yet unpredictable "wet" world.

As mentioned in my Jan. post, my 99 years old poor Mom suffered a stroke, which landed her one side paralyzed, speech impaired, and at the emergency room hospitalized.

A day prior to my BT date, I finally recovered from the latest Omicron Corona variant, impacting our entire family, so only then, I manged to facilitate my mom's release from the Carmel Hospital Geriatric unit, where she was hospitalized for 4 days.

An unforgettable neglectful hospital release, caused my Mom an almost fatal bleeding .

Failing to prescribe my mother, blood clotting medicine (Hixakapacon) for a cancerous open bleeding wound, despite of pumping into her blood thinners (aspirin & Clovis) as to inhibit any further stroke, had induced a massive bleeding, which landed Mom, a day after her release, in almost a shock state, back at the ICU ,

Furthermore, the Visiting Nurse of the Home Hospice Medical Care (provided by the Israeli National Health-Care, for the terminally ill), who dropped by the house to check up on Mom, a day after the hospital release, misjudged the severity of the massive bleeding situation.

Despite our plea to administrate a proper bandaging treatment for Mom, in accordance with what this qualified care- giver was supposed to provide, the nurse, abdicated her responsibility.

Furthermore, the prescription needing Doctor's written signature, necessary for the urgent blood clotting medicine, "could be obtained", she said, "only the following day", which by then, was much too late ..

Adding to already life hazardous situation, the nurse refused to reveal the name and contact info of the Hospice Care's Doctor, who would follow up with Mom's care, while stubbornly insisting, that the Doctor would call me, in due time,.

Then, shamelessly, the nurse made sure to escape the scene.

Thus the only absurd nursing solution to stop the localized bleeding, in need of clotting intervention, which happened right on my BT, was another admittance to the hospital's emergency room.

By the time the Ambulance arrived to provide intensive care, Mom was covered with gushing blood, non-responsive, and on the verge of an end..

The only blessed Rays of Light, which brightened my heavy worrying, sad soul, that day, were the pour of "Birthday's Good Wishes" from my fellow, Aquarius-born girlfriends, from all over the world, and those of other signs on the zodiac, as well as the delightful gift of bright blue sunny sky, and David's surprise arrival from TLV .

His presence, and arranging our more relaxed stay at Vila Carmel, by my Mom's home, were a true rescue ladder..

Once proper clotting medicine and bandaging was applied, by the over-worked but competent staff at the ICU unit, Mom's situation was stabilized, and she was released, back home, with an extra blood clotting medicine, in hand.

Being the responsible outraged citizen , I am, I wrote a sever complaint about this

medical system failure, to all the medical staff who was involved with my Mom's case.

Thankfully (and probably out of fear for her position) the Head of the Geriatric unit took my gripe into heart, and reached out to me by phone, to discuss the situation.

Once giving her an ear-full piece of my mind , and not before she was done with her excuses and justification to failed decisions made, she promised to intervene on my behalf, and manged to illicit a response from the Hospice Care, to follow up immediately, with my Mom.

An amazing Doctor - the Head of Home Hospice Care, who should have been contacted, prior to Mom's ending at the ICU, showed up the same day, at home, and carried out a full evaluation.

He took Mom off the robust blood thinners, so the blood clotting would kick in faster.

He also eliminated, on this occasion, a whole set of other redundant medications, senseless at her advanced age.

But most, unlike the nurse who, the day before, abdicated, her responsibly, the Doctor made sure to re-apply proper clotting med and bandaging.

Unsolicited, this same fabulous Doctor made sure to maintain an on-going whatsup contact with me, and he returned the second time, a day after, on the weekend, to check Mom again. He also brought along, and introduced the designated Doctor, who will follow up with Mom on a weekly basis.

Though still weak and a bit traumatized (so was I) Mom's bleeding stopped and her situation, got stabilized. Mom's most component and dedicated care-taker (we are blessed to have her), who stayed faithfully, by Mom's side, along with our fabulous daughter Inbal, David and I, all ensuring most lovingly nursing, helped Mom get back, some age related, relief and comfort.

After 8 days of this Haifa grave drama, David and I were able to return back to TLV,

in hope that Mom's situation stays stable, and my belated birthday celebration which the family pre-planned, but had to postpone, and which I definitely earned this year, would, after all, materialize ....

Indeed, the wonderful family Birthday brunch celebration, the heartfelt loving wishes and gifts, took place at the historic Drisco hotel situated at the TLV American Colony, and was definitely worth the wait..

The scrumptious most yummy chocolate BT Cake with candles, was served at Inbal's

This year's Birthrate, was definitely one of a kind "memorable" one....


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