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Story:My Stomach is still Wrenching

On Sunday, Feb 25,/2024 I attended, along with a small group of other Jewish fellows, sadly hardly a Minion (less od 10 ) to protest against the unauthorized alleged   "Teach-in" conference or more correctly "Hate- In" "Bay Area Labor for Palestine”

The gathering was attended by about 200 pro-Hamas/Palestinian supporters, who, assembled on the sidewalk, in front of the the Oakland's WestLake MiddleSchool which was locked,


Among the Pro-hater, were many self-declared "Jews", whose mad choice to be aligned with entities, wishing overtly Jewish liquidation, I absolutely can not phantom,


The participants were wearing Palestinian Kafias, using noisy loudspeakers , sounding Arabic music in high volume, waving hateful banners and chanting the despicable genocidal slogan "From the River to the Sea"  which aspires to the obliteration of Israel from the face of earth..

Being an Israeli, and a daughter of holocaust survivors, (on both sides of my parents) and now, at the autumn of my on life, the waving of a banner stating "Labor for Palestine" meaning the work done by Palestinians' supporters to spread hate, to propagate antisemitic lies into schools, and endorse the liquidation of the Jewish state, didn't sit well with me, to say the least.

Especially so, as the term "Labor" also connotes with the Nazi slogan 

"Labor is Freeing",  (Arbeit macht frei ) which decorated the gates of the Holocaust Labor Camps" and literally and deceitfully intended to "freeing" the world off Jews.

Furthermore, the banner which was flagged, just right in my face, was attached onto an elongated wooden stick and was not being held above the head of the particular male who waved it, but was positioned tilted, from the lower part of his body, and too close to my own sense of comfort..

In this hateful context, the waving with a glee, of the tilted banner erected on the wooden long pole, right in my face, in a threatening offensive manner, triggered the frightening association of a phallic weaponized extension, especially in light of the heinous sexual atrocities performed on the assaulted Israeli women, during the 

Oct 7th, 2024 attack, by the Hams monstrous terrorists.

When commenting my associative discomfort to this particular man, who happened to be Black, he immediately interpreted, my associative comment on weaponized sexual violence gesture, accusing me of slurring him with racial Eugenics theories, which in this case, his racial inference had Nothing to do with his ethnic origin, but all to do with his aggressive proximity and my protest against his propagation of hate and genocide against Israel.

However, using the racial  inference had served him to invert the offensive situation he was evoking, to deflect his own actions, in support and propagation of Jew hate.

Considering that the Arabic language uses the derogatory term "Ebed" for a Black person, literally meaning "Slave", that the Arabs were the largest Slave Traders group, that last permanent slave market in East Africa was in Zanzibar (Tanzania) and was closed only in 1873,  and that the first to be marching in the Civil right Movement protests, by Martin Luther King's side, were many Jews, 

thus the aligning of  BLM and many other Blacks with Jew haters, defies all rational reasoning. is absolutely a moral dereliction, and is outright ignorance, of historical events, on the part of such human beings.

My stomach is still wrenching from that experience, and the global rise in antisemitism.

I support teaching our schools' children of the rich and varied contributions of various civilizations, cultures and ethnic groups to enrich our children's lives,

and their authentic development of inclusive cultural tolerance, without diminishing

any group.

Learning early enough of the "other" and the "different" without biases, and hidden agendas, helps to curb primal fears of the unknown, and suppress the appetite to hurt or eliminate that object that evokes that fear.

However ,propagating in schools misinformation, distortions, outright fabrications and lies, about Jewish culture, its history, practices and contributions, all which aspire to blunt hostility toward the "other" and to vile hatred toward the "different" - being the Jews,

is, intentional hateful indoctrination of young gullible minds lacking critical thinking, at that tender age, and is purely a crime against humanity 

Thus, I oppose to importing a foreign conflict and its politicization into the classroom, out of  deep concerns that the tainted content of a pushed on curriculum is  biased against the Jewish people and Israel - A civilization of over 3000 years old, that has so much contributed, not only to its own people, but to the world entire.

Moses and the Ten Commandments, Jesus the savior, Karl Marx,Sigmund Freud, and Albert Einstein, all were well known Jews (to name a few) who revolutionized the fields of law, religion, economy, psychology and science, and whose contributions to many civilizations, are beyond any measurements.

Israel, the only Jewish state and the only viable democracy situated in the midst of a festering region dominated by Royals, Military Regimes, Autocracies but mainly dubious  kleptocracy, is considered to be a "Villa in the Jungle '', coveted, envied and thus irrationally hated, by the failing economies of a region, bent on eliminating it.

Yet Israel's contributions, even nowadays, to the betterment of the world, in science, medicine or agriculture, continues the splendid tradition of the illuminating predecessors, mentioned above. (The Genius of Israel)

My family succumbed to the atrocities manufactured by the German derange "civilization" when an entire nation swallowed the lies against Jews, fed so earnestly by allegedly "educated cultured teachers and leaders" and hungrily gobbled by the hateful opportunists, the ignorant and the delusional.

The horrific result was the murder of 6 million Jewish innocent people, among them tragically, all my family on both my parent's sides.

Along were also murdered, other minority groups- the Mentally challenged, Gay and Gypsies.

History taught us, that "what starts with the Jews never ends with only them"

Jews are the "Canary in the coal Mine" proclaiming of the dangerous moral breakdown in any society. And when the Jews in such society are vilified, lied about, dehumanized, expelled or murdered, so starts also the downfall, impoverishment and full crush, of that society at large.

So now, not even 100 years passed since the German Holocaust of the 1940th

that my generation needs to step up and fight against this insane "'hate Genie" 

which got extricated out of history's bottle, and swelled up into an engulfing world tsunami, so it is back tightly corked in.

Silence and inaction is not a viable workable option!

I urge you all to fight courageously and I pray for us all to succeed in this mission!


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