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Travel: Happy Jewish New Year, Monterey/Carmel, CA

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

At least 3 APPLES changed the world:

That of Eve..

That of Newton.

And that of Steve Jobs...

So this coming year put honey on your apple and bring about the change you desire..

Very best wishes to you and your family for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

May the world enjoy a year that is free of : hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, droughts, pandemics, wars, and incompetent politicians who produce the most debacles of all...

May the heart be light with laughter, the spirit filled with music, the days bright with sunshine, and may life for all be flowing with honey.


Place: Monterey/Carmel

Date: Aug. 23 to 26/2021

About 2 weeks prior to the dawning of this Jewish New Year, we, our 2 daughters and the 2 grands, (visiting from Israel) took off for a short excursion, to the Monterey/Carmel peninsula area., located about 2.5 hours drive South of the Bay area.

In addition to a wonderful family trip, being on the road relieved us, temporarily off intensive home culinary provision of 3 meals a day, feeding the enlarged family,

each member with its own special dietary needs...

Monterey by the Bay

Founded on 1770, Monterey served as the capital of Alta California under both Spain (1804 to 1821) and Mexico (1822 to 1836).

it was originally the only port of entry for all taxable goods in California,

As a thriving port, Monterey became a bustling city, the social, economic, and political center of California. It hosted California's first theater, public building, public library, publicly-funded school, printing-press, and newspaper, and also hosted California's first constitutional convention in 1849.

The town and surrounding area have attracted tourists and artists since the late 19th-century, and many celebrated painters and writers have lived in the area.

In addition to painters, as Arthur Frank Mathews, Armin Hansen, Xavier Martinez, Rowena Meeks Abdy and Percy Gray, many noted authors, including Robert Louis Stevenson, John Steinbeck, Ed Ricketts, Robinson Jeffers, Robert A. Heinlein, and Henry Miller. also lived in and around the Monterey area.

It was also known for its flourishing fish Canary Industry,

A long gone industry, which its historic Canary Row in name and few warehouses selling, now a days, trinkets to the accidental tourists, are the only reminiscent left of that past.

The coastal rocky Monterey Bay and its sand dunes offer a spectacular ocean views and great habitat to sea otters, and many birds that can be observed from the convenient walking and biking trails, along the ocean's waterfront.

Monterey's Historic Town's Center

A National Historic Landmark, the Monterey Old Town Historic District includes within its boundaries the Monterey State Historic Park.

The town's Spanish and Mexican colonial architecture of the charming center on its many historical adobes, has preserved its old authentic pioneering facade, and generally is more appealing to me then that of the more dainty chic Carmel.


Staying at the Monterey's down town Marriott which its large spacious rooms, comfortably accommodated our expanded family needs, as well as facilitated a walking distance accessibility to the town's historic center, the waterfront, fisherman's wharf and to a variety of eating places, was a very good choice for us.


Monterey's Free Trolley Service

Monterey's free Trolley service which departs every 10-15 minutes and runs daily throughout the summer months (Memorial Day through Labor Day) and weekends during the off season, was a fun way to get easily by to all the town's offered attractions.

We had visited the Monterey/Carmel area several times in the past, so this trip was much more oriented on fun activities accommodating the a 5 and 2 years old grands.

Monterey Town Hall

In front of the quint city’s Town Hall building, the municipality's spacious green lawn is a great playground for children to run around, and climb the big Mama bear and its 2 Cubs, Our grands had much fun riding a top.

Monterey Marin Aquarium

Known for its regional focus on the marine habitats of Monterey Bay, the Aquarium was another big attraction for the kids.

.Lasting over 2 hours of exploration was even beyond our adult capacity...

The children seemed to be more smitten by the sharked, human divers, vivacious sea animals and illuminating creatures, then by the mute small fish schools.

Penguins Medusa Otter

Love season...

Monterey's Food

The best Breakfast place to which we kept returning every morning is

The Cafe is located at the Cooper-Molera Adobe, a site in downtown Monterey, which is worth visiting and includes two adjacent adobe homes, a corner store, an adobe warehouse, and a barn complex, all on roughly 2.5 acres surrounded by a historic adobe wall. It tells a history of the families who lived in and built Monterey, from its early years as the political and commercial capitol of Mexican Alta, California, through the development of the State .

The place offers an amazing selection of morning pastries and also tasty lunch dishes which can be enjoyed in-doors, as well as at the open-air flowery garden, at the back.

Kirk the current owner , a Poli-sciences Berkley U graduate, whom we befriended gave up his past life's banking carrier in Piedmont, to fulfill another dream. running an amazing establishment,

Next moth (October) he told us, that his full fledged restaurant named Chella will be opened in the area. Stay tuned…,,

In Alta's Cafe we also run into Antony - chef/owner of another popular recommended restaurant, based in Carmel called Stationery

A popular Lunch establishment at downtown's historic center is Brewery $ Grill

on Alvarado main street, across from Monterey’s beautiful historic 1926

The open-air Framer Market Day in the Historic center on Alvarado Street is on

Tuesday from 4:00pm - 8:00pm

On that Tuesday when we strolled through the charming market, Monterey Fire Department's qualifies squad was cajoling, the by-passers to stop by the provisional

tent, to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.. .

With no lines, and very few who stopped by, we carried an interesting conversation with

the creative dedicated Fire fighters, serving on the for-front of vaccinating those few brave, who dropped, that afternoon, for the free "Shop and Shot" operation...

Carmel by the Sea

Carmel which is located 15 minutes drive to the South, borders with the larger town of Monterey and in between, also with Pacific Grove another quint town, dotted with its Victorian-era houses turned into B&B guest houses.

Carmel was founded in 1902 on the Monterey Peninsula, and incorporated in 1916.

The town is known for its natural scenery, white and wide sand beach, the "17 miles drive" of Pebble Beach complex, rich artistic history, many galleries, plush shops culinary scene, and many Golf lawns - naturally mowed ...

After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake the village was inundated with musicians, writers, painters and other artists turning to the establishing artist colony, after the bay city was destroyed.

Jack London describes the artists' colony in his novel The Valley of the Moon. Among the noted writers who lived in or frequented the village were Mary Austin, Nora May French, Robinson Jeffers, Sinclair Lewis,

The new residents were offered home lots – ten dollars down, little or no interest, and whatever they could pay on a monthly basis.

Now a days the cost of housing in the town and its surroundings is up the roof..

On a quite Monday afternoon when we strolled through town, hardly any visitors were seen, and many galleries and shops were closed. An unusual scene of a town which usually in regular times is mobbed with large visiting crowds, and which its restaurants and quaint small hotels are completely overbooked.

Thus, we manged to book at a last minute notice, and had a great dinner in a trendy Carmel establishment: The Pocket

The Pocket - and its Chef

Born in Rome and trained by his father’s side in his 5-star restaurant on the Island of Capri, Executive Chef - Federico Rusciano’s culinary career has taken him from Italy to Mexico and throughout California, where he also previously worked for 8 years as General Manager of Pebble Beach’s Peppoli Restaurant.

Scenic "17 Miles Drive" at Pebble Beach

The enchanting famous scenic 17 miles drive along dramatic coastal cliffs, snow-white beaches, and through mystical Cypress forests and iconic golf courses, has never stopped to amaze me on our many visits.

Luckily the weather, which more often is gray, foggy, cold and windy, at that coast, was very friendly, so we tremendously, enjoyed the walks and rock hopping with the little ones, observing the many sea birds, but saw no seals.

Admission to 17-Mile Drive is complementary with an overnight stay or with restaurant reservation at the Pebble Beach Resort's restaurants,

Is a small coastal residential community of mostly single-family homes also notable as a resort destination, and the home of known golf courses .

On the morning of our trip's last stay, we spotted , to our delight, during our walk on Carmel white sand beach, Dolphins who swam very near to and parallel to the shore, but I failed to capture them on camera.

The resort offers 3 restaurants : "The Tap Room", "The Bench"

and "Still water Bar& Grill" where we had a great lunch at the hotel's open terrace overlooking the waterfront. Much recommended.

The weekly market, which is small and pricier than the one at Monterey, is on:

Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and offers fresh delights.

La Bicyclette Restaurant

This charming popular place at the center of Carmel , where we had a great lunch serves an European Country Cuisine and is recommended..

Moss Landing

Moss Landing is located 15 miles (24 km) north-northeast of Monterey, on the shore of Monterey Bay

Moss Landing is a popular spot for : antiquing, surfing and nature watching.

It is home to hundreds of species. white sandy beach historic Inns, and sea food eateries.

Situated at the mouth of Elkhorn Slough, one of California's largest wetland areas,

it is a precious resource always ranked in the top 10 best birding spots in the US.

Moss Landing was originally called Moss, named for Charles Moss, a Texas ship captain who with a partner built a wharf there.

It became a busy whaling and fishing port and a location for fish processing plants and canneries.

Harbor District berths over 600 boats, including 350 fishing boats, 200 pleasure craft, 30 research vessels, and a half dozen tour and charter boats. The harbor's commercial boats land dungeness crab, halibut, king salmon, albacore, rockfish, sablefish, anchovies, sardines, squid, black cod, red snapper, covina, prawns, mackerel, and others.

The harbor is also home to swimming Otters and Seals , which we were lucky to spot

on the late afternoon we visited it.

Across from Phil's Fish Market where we had dinner

A locally owned family business in Moss Landing, famous for its Cippino and Seafood, The fresh sea food is self served and eaten by picnic tables, situated inside an authentic rustic old building, or outdoors, right on the beach front.

The hearty fresh Sea food portion compensate for the less attractive dining arrangement

And that last photo brings us back to the upcoming holiday's traditional Gefiltte-Fish...

שנה טובה ומתוקה ממשפחת נאוה

שנת תשפ’א


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