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Story:In the Shadow of the Corona- Reflections #2, CA, March 22/2020

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Date: March 22/2020

Place: Piedmont CA

In the Shadow of the Corona - Reflections # 2

The entire world fell "asleep" when on guard,!

Blind and deaf to the dark concealed blemishes on its spinning walls, it ignored the red-flags warnings raised by a few...

Bill Gates -

Microsoft co-founder has already in 2015 sounded the alarm about the possibility of a dire public health crisis

Former Special assistant on Bio Security to the Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr., Former chair of the White house Biodefense Policy Coordinating committee, has sounded the alarm for years about the possibility of a dire public health crisis, which was ignored. He explains why U.S. national security community hasn’t prioritized public health — until now

Dr. David Ho -

Dr. David Ho is a world-renowned doctor and researcher on the frontlines of the crisis.

In the 1990s, he invented the AIDS cocktail, a drug strategy recognized as a turning point in the fight against the disease. Now he's racing to battle COVID-19, leading four teams working to find a treatment. He joins Walter Isaacson to explain the lessons we should have learned from the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Intelligence agencies "have been warning on this since January," said a U.S. official who had access to intelligence reporting that was disseminated to members of Congress and their staffs as well as to officials in the Trump administration,

Around the globe in more 150 countries there are now almost 350,000 confirmed sick cases with the international death close to 15,000, with a more hopeful - above 95,000 recovery cases

Since 1/21/20 World Health Organization (WHO) reported cases

UK is under shut down, as is Israel, Italy, Spain, France Germany, and now also Australia - after a surge of cases soared to over 1000

Italy has surpassed China as an epi-center of the disease with over 60,000 contaminated and almost 5,500 deaths. Spain, Germany and France are lagging right after it, as well as Iran.

Israel had on March 21st its first case of corona related death since the January breakout, with now over 1000 infected.

China seemed to slow the spread, and South Korea may have been able to control the climb of the infected numbers, with mainly the assistance of strict isolation and with also many anti-body testing, which was still lacking in the US.

US which only detected few infected cases in mid January is now over 33,000 cases, with nearing half the number just in NY.

CA , NY and now New Jersey where "State In Home order" was declared, are under most strict state lock-down, and in house solitary. It is projected that in the next 2 months, about 56% of the 40 million Californian will be infected, but that about 98% infected have a good chance to survive.

The Bay area has been reporting so far of about 600 infected with 11 dead

"Flattening the Curve"

We keep hearing, from all news outlets and experts about the need to

"Flatten the Curve" and buy time, as to reduce the strain of the healthcare services, maximize patient care with minimal staff exposure, and avoid healthcare systems from collapsing.

To further be educated on what " flatten the coronavirus curve" means, read the link

If the policies and suggestions out-lined above, are too tedious and complicated, you definitely would get it, with the help of a British humor satire.

Until the "curvature" related this potent virus "gets flattened" our "bodily curvature" will for sure expended, during the prolonged imposition of - lock-down interim at-home, restricted mobility, and semi-idleness.

The probability of our much inflated and rounder body mass, and impairments to the clarity of our minds and sensibilities, are reported in the news pieces below.

If not food, there is always the "Comfort Drinks" ...

"Elephants break into farm in self-isolation and get drunk on whisky"

A herd of elephants in China found a very fun way to make the most of people putting themselves in self-isolation

Other advice given as to "live longer, get rid of the tension.”

Dr. Oz says couples should have sex while quarantining

TV medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz says that people stuck inside should be having lots of sex to combat the effects of social distancing for the coronavirus.

It seems that many indeed took up Dr Oz advice as per this reporting

Condom Shortages, Rising Sales Of Sex Toys... This Is The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Sexuality

The spread of the coronavirus has a direct impact on the economy. It also has an impact on the market surrounding sexuality. Sales of sex toys has increased, and there is a shortage of condoms in the most affected areas..

Much safer measures are “Community Singing from balconies” under restrictive isolation, as a therapeutic form and moral boosting, started in Italy having an infectious impact, and spreading to other countries, as has free live streaming entertainment, and communal thanking to the health care heroic staff, doing their utmost to save life day and night ,

More on "common sense" sustainment

I shared the item above, as it seems that there are local Bay area Jewish organizations which their common sense gets suppressed under such dire viral related circumstances, if to judge from the public statement posted by "Jewish Community Relationship Council"(JCRC)

"Standing with our Asian American neighbors facing heightened bigotry. JCRC condemns attempts to marginalize, stigmatize and demonize Asian American communities"

With all due respect to the important work that JCRC does in the community, I was astonished that the organization actually wasted time and resources, taking up on this fake non-issue.

I worry that such community misguidance may also compel JCRC to drain also time and additional resources on picking up a fight, against the originated and coined terms:

"The Spanish Flu" or standing up in solidarity with all the "Middle Eastern communities" bunched together under the the coined term "MERS" - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or against the "German measles"

I am truly alarmed that this ridiculous path JCRC chose to walk on, may lead them to pursue a fight, against our own long Jewish tradition, by putting a demand to erase a term, going all the way back to:

" The Egyptian Plagues - Makot Mizraim" referred to and used in the Jewish bible and Passover Hagada....

JCRC misleading effort to butter-up to other ethnic groups, inventing non-existing issues, and trying to capitalize on it, during this pandemic crisis, only alienate big chunk of those in the Jewish community.

Factually, the virus originated in China.

Begets and ignorants, unfortunately would always surface and exploit an opportunity to spread venom during societal crisis regardless of obvious realities, and of course they need to be dealt with severely.

However the intelligent majority is capable of differentiating and acknowledging, that all Asian groups who are US citizens, and for that matter, all other ethnic minorities who are residents, are AMERICANS and NOT related to a virus's or pandemic’s coined name.

They should be given more credit and attention, then that given to the dark forces.

It would be so much more constructive for JCRC time and resources be spent on supporting crucial health care needs for the benefit of all ethnic communities, then bother with nonsensical semantics.

As for us, once David, whose expertise are in drug development, formed an opinion on HCQ based on reading primary sources, animal data and anecdotal successes, taking that prescribed medication, which has a long safe history, was our way, to cope with the situation, and maintain our peace of mind, in addition to increased hands washing, masks covering and distance maintaining.

Hydroxychloroquine, (HCQ)

This old malaria treatment, which has been tried with some success against coronavirus, and which its use became so cotravential and politically explosive, was then, in short supply, as demand surged, and donations were reported.

Israel's Teva Donates Potential Coronavirus Treatment to U.S. Hospitals (Jerusalem Post)

Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva has announced it will donate more than 6 million doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets to hospitals across the U.S. from March 31. Over 10 million tablets are expected to be shipped within a month.

The tablets are approved by the U.S. FDA for the treatment of malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. They are currently under investigation to determine their efficacy against the coronavirus and U.S. officials have asked for their immediate availability and use.

It was also endorsed by NY Governor Cuomo: NY to conduct drug trials for coronavirus treatment Mar 22, 2020

On a preservation of Sanity and Common sense you may find this one helpful as well : "Coping with a traumatic event"

And further reinforcement of “food for the soul” is always a safe antidote , and one from this wise source shouldn't be missed

Food/Drug for the Soul- Spiritual Comfort enjoy listening to Lord Sacks's words of wisdom Coronavirus 'will try nation" (March 18/2020)

Lord Jonathan Sacks speaks to Emily Maitlis about how we should adapt to living in times of crisis as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world.

Last ….. do remember that more than the virus itself, Love & Hope are more contagious...

Stay Healthy, Safe and Sane


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