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Story: Blazing June, Israel 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

Skipping over Spring's May month (read May post) Israel has been rapidly galloped all during the Summer month of June into a blazing inferno, Weather and War wise..

268 days to the bloody war since Oct 7th. and the entire state is in full disturbance

1460 Israelis+ foreigners died. 670 of them were soldiers and 11,500 injured (here)

In Metula

As we landed back in Israel from our one week of respite in Greece , Israeli news hit us with reports on mega fires ignited in the North by Hizzbola's daily shelling

One of the most beautiful and green area

of the country has so sadly been turning into forsaken ash and smoke territory

The fires' vast spread burnt every thing on its path . Not only that the displaced of the Northern border communities, have been denied a normalization horizon , but now they and many others who stayed behind, denied of Gov. support, suffered massive rockets attacks, and lost to the rocket bombardments and firers all their properties and sources of livelihood..

It is inconceivable that with the compiled national grave disasters and challenges,the country has been facing, including: the urgency to return the hostages, tuning into the needs of the displaced, and impacted, or the necessity to construct mass protected spaces and shelters, revisiting war's goals and exit strategy, along with rehabilitating the crushed economy and mending the shuttered national unity, Israeli Gov has abdicated all these significant burning complexities, for trivia.

Gov's priorities have been out of focus if not insane., Attention, funds and efforts have been grossly wasted..

Being headed by scrupulousness psychopath whose mindfulness and labor are directed solely to his staying in power, and appeasing his own family's coalition partner's whims, has produced, only chaos, disasters and failures.

As is clearly portrayed in the book : "Surrounded by Psychopath" (Thomas

Ericson) the endless trail of political mayhem and tectonic faults that such personality disorder produces, combined with incapacity for remorse or to owning up to one's misconduct, but rather divert blame of one's own failures, to everyone else, is what the country has been succumbed to. The public at large can no longer tolerate nor is willing to contain. Rage is bubbling all around .

Master of Disaster

  ’The Rise and Fall of Israel’

The zealous messianic "false prophets" Ben Gvir and Smotritch who have been threatening Bibi to conform to their vision, otherwise they would dissolve the Gov, have been inspired by the influential religious nationalistic extremist Rabbi Dov Lior - and his insane compulsion to execute G-d, directive of the "Ultimate Mitzva"

Rab Lior- a former longtime chief rabbi of Israel’s illegal settlements in Hebron and Kiryat Arba, was a mentor also to the infamous deranged Baruch Goldstein - an American-Israeli mass murderer, religious extremist, and physician.

He perpetrated the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in Hebron ,an incident of Jewish terrorism,

In their wrapped theology (which is not remotely Jewish) as is outlined in Sefi Rechelevsky's recently published recommended book "Israel or Judah" -

the directive of expending Eretz Israel Boundaries and conquering the land from the Euphrates in the North to the the Nile in the South, is the highest "ultimate Mitzva" to be fulfilled, which insanely overrides directives such as "don't murder or steal, or observing Sabbath and Kosher"

Rabbi Lior is closely associated with the fascist Jewish Power and Religious Zionism parties and their leaders, 

Public Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. (fact sheet here for more on Jewish Power and Religious Zionism)

They have been providing Bibi with a safety belt to his political survival.

But the price to be payed for this "unholy alliance" and services are disastrous. to the State. The logic of the inverted megalomaniac "vision", perceives the current and prolonged war situation as an opportunity to conquer and resettle Gaza and to annex the West Bank,

(and beyond)

Ben Gvir who accused Netanyahu of 'whitewashing' Gaza deal., not only avoided encountering the hostages' families, but totally failed to mobilize Fire Squad services (he is in charge of) to the burning fires in the North.

Instead, his priority was to march with flags on Jerusalem Day ...

The journalist Ronen Bergman exposed in the NYT the Secret Government Bid to Cement Control of West Bank.

The Gov. is engaged in a stealthy effort to irreversibly change the way the territory is governed, to cement Israel’s control over it, without being accused of formally annexing it.

In a taped recording of a speech

the, official, Bezalel Smotrich, can be heard suggesting at a private event earlier this month that the goal was to prevent the West Bank from becoming part of a Palestinian state

Ironically, so far, the drift of safely habitable land space in Israel proper has been only shrinking, due to the 8 months of war. And instead of terminating the war situation and reconstructing the impacted areas, this Gov's criminal stealth policies, only have entrenched Israel in an hellish war swamp.

Obviously the messianic mega plans of the nutty religious "horses" are planned to be executed with the sweat. blood and lives of Israeli secular fighters- "useful donkeys", since the religious orthodox, plan on having exemption from any army conscription.

The "Haredi " (Ultra Orthodox) also partners to Bibi's coalition, relentlessly have been laboring to forever exempt their religious sector from army conscription as well as from any labor, demanding to cement this gross inequality, in proper legalization, while insanely claiming that "Studying the Torah is their Labor" thus "contributes to Israel's welfare and security."...

A billboard flashing out the names of Gov. members who voted for exemption of Haredi

from army draft, was hung on a main HWY by protest "Brothers in Arm" org.

For 76 years the liberal secular camp insanely tolerated, such reversed inequality and economically parasitic existence, historically born off profane political coalition arrangements.

In 1948 – Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion approved the decision, that he later regretted. Complied with Agudat Yisrael's request to exempt 400 yeshiva students from military service. in 1949 – Defense Service Law enacted. Ben-Gurion applied section 12 of the Law and exempts yeshiva students from service.

But after Oct 7th massacre, and due to the so many fallen in defense of the country, since the war with Gaza begun, along with the crushed economy, and a gross shortage in combat qualified units' fighters, the majority of Israelis and among them many observant Jews, had enough with such gross Gov. sponsored injustice, especially endorsed by Betanyahu

Furthermore the army is very short of serving officers.

If in a normal year only 100-120 retire from service, only this year, more then

over 900 already requested to retire, and the this very worrisome trend is only growing...

The fact that the scrupulousness Gov. dared to dedicate political discussions on exempt conscription, during war time and was ready to compromise Israel's essential national security needs, for the sake of preserving the coalition,

had further enraged the public at large, who felt being betrayed by this Gov political leaders,

When on June 10 - Israel's parliament moved ahead with the draft dodging contentious law on conscripting ultra-Orthodox religious students into the military, Bibi's gleeful insolent smile,

was captured in this photo,

*Only Netanyahu's filthy smile will be left of him.* opposition Leader Yair Lapid declared when addressing a massive Tel Aviv, protest, slamming Netanyahu for abandoning his most basic responsibilities and watching-out only for his "survival interests" and not that of the State

The smug smile invoked heated debate, major criticism and angry scenes especially, as it coincided with reports on the death of 4 additional soldiers in Gaza, that same day, adding to a larger number of 8 other fallen, just few days prior to the debate date .

The News Headlines stated:

"As Israel Battles for Its Future and Its Present, Netanyahu the Narcissist Fights Only for Himself"

A day after centrist former generals Benny Gantz  (the national crutch provider) and Gadi Eisenkot quit the emergency war cabinet in a dispute over the strategic aims of the Gaza war, and over a push for a ceasefire vote, confrontations underscored the volatile mix of forces buffeting Bibi,

Netanyahu became increasingly dependent on his partners from the hard right.

The previous three-person War Cabinet was formed in the early days of the war, after Gantz demanded a small Cabinet with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant be formed as a way to sideline far-right lawmakers in Netanyahu’s Gov.

Thus a week after the generals departure, Bibi dissolved the influential war Cabinet .

A joke insinuated that the task of steering the war in Gaza. is now in the hands of this version of three-some cabinet .... Bibi , his unhinged wife- Sarah and the ideal son Yair (zoom from Miami.)..

And yet, the paranoid wife, in a meeting with families of Israeli hostages inappropriately accused military leaders for conspiring against her husband, fearing that Israeli army chiefs have been plotting coup against her husband,

Although, according to the Security Authorities, there is no realistic foundation to the imaginary threats, Netanyahu requested earlier this month that his wife Sara and their two sons (Avner and Yair) receive lifelong Shin Bet security details, even when he is no longer prime minister, And then, despite the a recommendation of Shabak to cut the burden, on the already over stretched service with internal Security affairs and not, to extend it to the external Miami based son, the political Advisory Committee for Personal Security, voted on to grant another year of Shin Bet security coverage, to the family.

Thus, more tax public funds are being stolen from the citizens, to guard a criminal family,, as well as to compensate past workers at the family's residence, (and not the the first time) for the "sultan" Family's labor violations, bullying, and abuse of services.

NIS 900,000 awarded to 3 former workers at Netanyahu’s official residence in abuse case.

It is incomprehensible why all these thefts are being aloud?

And if the court accuses the family for abusing the workers in its service, why the state is coughing up the compensation money, and not the delinquent family members??

And as if this insanity is not enough, to assure the continuation of his unchecked political scams and criminal offenses, Bibi insists, with utmost audacity on his own nominating the "State Gate keepers" and not have an a-political non partizan committee do so.

To add more injury to the country which has been already gravely bleeding, bereaved and crushed, the detached cunning Gov tried to push a new controversial bill to pass a Rabbi Law, which translates to inflated Jobs Law,

Attempts to pass the 'Rabbi Law' showed how disconnected the government is -

The Knesset was supposed to hold initial committee vote on the Rabbi Law which was pushed off by Bibi, at the last minute, thus leading to further anger and frustration.

The proposal was to give the Chief Rabbinate and the Religious Services Ministry control over appointments of government-paid municipal

The bill, sponsored by the "Rottweiler" MKs Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionism) and Erez Malul (Shas) meant to have Israel's Coalition re-introduces Contentious Bill Giving Gov't Power Over City, as to create hundreds (700) of new state-funded rabbis positions.

Nominating to jobs only party affiliates, was what preoccupied these sectors during the war, The decision to proceed with the bill, which many members of the Knesset’s coalition, Likud members, and the far-right Otzma Yehudit party opposed, alongside the entire opposition, was aborted and shelved eventually, but not before evoking an explosive rage and turmoil from end to end

Not surprising, that the cunning corrupt

Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri the cunning instigator of the bill ,was reportedly furious with Netanyahu when the bill was dropped.. as robbing the dwindling public funds for gratifying only his party base electives, and familial associates, has been his top priority in war time.

Not only that Israeli National Information Offensive Campaign has been a colossal failure, of the Gov,

but neither Defensive Information Campaign has operated in the international arena,

Thus Israel's illegitimacy and diminutive status, has been colored in red, on most of the the world's map

Amazing Israeli private citizens, stepped into the Information War vacuum and voluntarily created a Civil Information System, putting a media fight on behalf of the country.

Aylon Levy Former Israeli Gov. Spokesman is the Co-Founder, @IsrCitizenSpox

Citizen spokespeople—ordinary citizens speaking up for Israel and the Jewish People.

In a "brilliant" move Netanyahu decided to further pick up a quarrel with the Biden Administration, when issuing a video statement slamming the "inconceivable...bottlenecks" that the U.S. has placed in transferring weapons and ammunition,"

To which the US Admin. replied initially that " it has no clue" about what Bibi was talking ,and thus also canceled strategic security meeting with Israeli officials .

Bibi further clarified, in a follow up interview, that he had tried to resolve the issue of the Biden admin's withholding weapons shipments to Israel privately for months, with no success.

Senator Chris Coons on CBS’s “Face the Nation” in response to the video which Bibi released, “But Prime Minister Netanyahu has a long record of being very partisan and very divisive for decades …he hoped that Israeli Prime Minister will discuss what his plans are for peace in Israel’s war in his address to Congress next month.

Who knows what has been the entire " story"... but even if Bibi, a habitual liar, may have been right right, and the US was "slow Walking Arms" to Israel, such public and divisive move on his part toward an ally, and one of the most supportive US admin, only lead in the direction of collecting more foes.

Table of US weapon arrival by month

from Oct 2023 (left) to June 2024(Right)

Yet, even allies may not be totally dependable. Israel will not forget that In 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush promised Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that should Israel pull out of Gaza, "the United States will lead efforts...[to] prevent the areas from which Israel has withdrawn from posing a threat." Well.. promises are cheap..

That promise was not kept.

Would it have ... maybe all these bloody disasters could have been spared...

In any case, knowing that  India has been providing significant military assistance to Israel since Oct. 7th. is a small consolation, as is the baffling news piece by a Lebanese Journalist that Shiites of South Lebanon Will Welcome Israeli Forces that may rid Them of Hizbullah , when/if an Israeli military operation against Hizzbullah materializes...

In addition to these relatively "positive developments" during this blazing month of June, one ray of light flickered ...

The major joyful news of this month was about the four Israeli hostages rescued from Gaza thanks to a successful special commando operation, and also due to U.S. Intelligence aid.

After being held captive by Palestinian civilians, in their home in central Gaza - including a journalist with bylines in Al Jazeera and his physician father.

Noa Argamani, Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov, and Shlomi Ziv, were rescued 8 months after they were kidnapped from the Nova music festival 

A joyful out-pour of relief by Israelis was celebrated all around the world.

Many flocked into the streets, and the good news was even announced via loudspeakers by the Life-Guard in TLV beach.

Sadly the celebrations span was brief and the joyous atmosphere rapidly deemed once it was reported that Netanyahui made sure to reach out for the photo-op with the rescued, cynically capitalizing on the success story... yet distancing himself from all other screw=ups, also abdicating all other impacted, left behind and displaced.

The mood soon return to dark when it was realized that unfortunately one Border Police counter-terrorism Chief Inspector Arnon Zamora, 36, was fatally wounded by Hamas fire and then lost his life in this complex rescue operation, that was named in his honor -Arnon Operation

The herd-like dubious world media of course blamed Israel for the Palestinian impacted during the rescue operation deliberately ignoring Hamas responsibility...

Australian TV reported: Leftists around the world left ‘heartbroken’ after four Israelis were rescued from Gaza

Leftists around the world were left “heartbroken” after 4 Israeli hostages were rescued from Hamas in Gaza, according to one sensible Sky News host James Macpherson. “While Israel celebrated the rescue of its citizens from the clutches of maniacal terrorists, many around the Western world were upset, even appalled,

Stating an obvious common sense, he said:

“It’s simply insane that people are mad at Israel for rescuing the hostages rather than being mad at Hamas for taking hostages in the first place".

“We live in a world in which black is white, up is down, and moral clarity is nowhere to be seen.”

Additional heartbreaking news included 8t IDF combat engineering soldiers were killed in one same event, when their armored personnel carrier was struck by an anti-tank missile near Rafah in southern Gaza.

And at the same day also two IDF reserve soldiers were killed in an IED explosion in Northern Gaza City. Two other soldiers in the tank were seriously injured.

And earlier in the month 4 IDF Soldiers Killed, 6 Wounded in Rafah Explosion when an explosive device detonated in a building causing its collapse. And so it goes..senselessly.

The trickle of the impacted, blown-up, murdered and injured soldiers ( full duty) reservists, as well as citizens, have been reported, daily during the entire month,

being victims of the war both on the Gaza front, in the Northern border, and in the West Bank , Just to name a few..

Even on the last day of the month a large number of 18 Israeli soldiers were wounded, including one seriously, in a Hezbollah explosive-laden drone attack in the northern Golan Heights

Captain Alon Sacgiu, 22, was killed during a counter-terror operation in the West Bank's Jenin refugee camp. as were 2 reservist soldiers from the Alexandrni Brigade due to mortar attack, One of then Omer Smadja, was the son Oran Smadja- the Olympic Judo Gold winner,

Apparently also an Israeli citizen from Petah Tikva was murdered while shopping in Qalqilia West Bank, Stupidly reckless fellows from Israel- proper, though shouldn't,

have been crossing to shop or fix their cars, in West Bank villages,

YET, getting murdered by bloodthirsty killers extremists, shouldn't be the fate of these Israelis either!

No horizon for further Hostage Release deal, the abandonment of Hostages, and their agonizing families and the disregard toward the displaced, further simmered

a deep rage toward the callous inept Gov,

That increased fury was further fueled by the coalition's partners push of controversial laws during this multi fronts war time,

Furthermore an additional report reveled that 3 weeks prior to Oct. 7th, IDF Gaza Division warned of Hamas plan to attack, and take 250 hostages. Yet ignored...

 ‘I feel like crying, yelling, swearing,’ says soldier involved with memo produced.

All the above and the submitted Sept. 19 document that specified that the terror group was training for mass assault on south; induced a swelling protest wave.

The flow of protesters has been clearly present in the streets all during the month.

Thousands poured into the street along with the hostages' families demanding

a better professional caring leader, release of hostages and Election now .

Dwindled numbers of protesters intoxicated initially by false Gov. propaganda slogan

"Together We will Win" despite of the concurrent Gov's pushing partizan political agendas, brought about the swell. Israelis had enough with the deception, and gradually their presence, all around the country increased, from weekend to weekend, with Kaplan Tel-Aviv spear-heading the demonstrations.

Enough to the Disregard

Enough to Corrupting

Enough to Evasion

Acclaimed writer David Grossman called thousands protestors at anti-government rally, to fight for the

country ,for election, and hostage deal

We too joined the crowd every weekend , once in Cesarea June 15th (where Bibi's private villa is) and the rest of the weekends at Tel Aviv's demonstrations

Shamelessly public State funds

were wasted on Bibi's Private Villa.

Costs included:

Gardening cost 77,000 NIS a year

Pool Service/ water 22,000 NIS a year

A 2018 law that Bibi passed exempt him for paying taxes on the expenses for life.

And those expenses robbed from public funds, are in addition to the ones wasted on the Aza St Jerusalem residence, for which 3 days only after the Oct 7th massacre, new set of dishes costing the tax payers 23,000NIS was bought....

The main rally in Caesarea was held to demand that the government “immediately set a date for elections" in light of the neglect of the South and the North, and its shameful failure to return the hostages,”

In Caesarea the unofficial 'Sultan" demanded of the security forces to increase security around his villa

"Israel Is on the Verge of Fascism. Will It Cross the Threshold?"

"Israel is undergoing a mini civil war reminiscent of Weimar-German and Italy on the eve of the Fascist march on Rome"

In addition to the above, so many Scholars, Writers, Artists, Politicians, past IDF Generals several past Security Heads, all worn of Netanyahu's engendering the future existence of the country.

Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin called Netanyahu "worst PM in Israeli history;

Also esteemed Ami Ayalon former Shin Bet chief said

"Netanyahu’s ‘toxic leadership’ will lead to end of Zionism,"

Christiane Amanpour speaks with

Ami Ayalon, the former head of the Shin Bet and former Israeli Navy Chief about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the war in Gaza.

"FAILD" bill boards are now hang on main road arteries, all around the country

Netanyahu's Failures have been told as they are....

Opposition Leader - Yair Lapid

Israeli politician of the centrist Yesh Atid party, and a former journalist telling

to Bibi's face in the Knesset

Jurnalist/Commentator Ben-Caspit

a long time virulent criticizer of the Netanyahu's family, is Maariv's political, security, and diplomatic correspondent and hosts a daily radio show on FM103.

Avi Issascharoff - jurnalist , commentator

with focus on Palestinian issues, and

one of the creators of the TV-series Fauda.

Alma Zack - an actress, on the cast of the very popular Israeli satiric TV program

A global management consultant, academic, and author, who has advised Fortune 100 companies and start-ups in over 50 countries and State leaders in 8 countries, declared that Netanyahoo's personality make up does not let him go off power.. on his own volition

"He sees the State as his and he is the State"

Most agonizing is the prophetic notion that almost a year ago on July 22/2023 and following the wide spread of IDF Reservists protests, against the Gov. continued legislative Judiciary revolution, a letter named “Generals Letter” was sent to the "Crime Minister" .

The letter sent by highly ranked past heads of the Mossad, Shabak, Police and IDF Chiefs /Officers accused Bibi s stating:

“ you are responsible for harming Israel’s National Security” !!!

They warn against Netanyahu's indifference and ignoring of the sever damages that such a revolution was causing to Israel democracy and to its National Cohesion,

Had the conceited Netanyahu been listening, and better.. had he resigned so much tragedy could have been spared...

As the Judiciary Revolution has never really stopped, Ben-Gvir violent police practices, mainly against the protesters has worsen

Also Police brutality, assaults and arrests of anti-Gov. protestors have been on the rise. Police use of violence against citizen, Journalists, medical staff offering services to the injured, innocent demonstrators who just stood by,

Even a shocking assault of an opposition Knesset members Naama Lazimi , pulled by her hair and pushed , took place just this last week of June,.

The  rise in violent clashes with cops in Tel Aviv and unrestrained limitless brutality of the Ben-Gvir's Fascistic police against the citizens, is so enraging and is reaching a boiling point.

Israel's Public Defender's Office condemned "widespread" excessive use of force by Israel's police against protesters

In the last week of June the anti-Gov protests organizations stepped-up their protest disruption activities in mainly Jerusalem and Ceasarea by Netanyahu's residences.

Several Hwy's were blocked, off-work days of employees in public and private companies were used and protests went full volume.

The violent corrupted Police, now serving the "king Bibi" and not the "kingdom and its citizens, even confiscated, from the tenacious

Yom Kippur Veterans ( YKV) group a very visible protest fixture- a Tank made of styrofoam

The 70 years old + relentless veterans have been playing cat and mouse with the savage police for the past 8 months .

Half of the 10 person team, of which David-my husband is a member, have been detained/assaulted and two Tankist women were hospitalized . YKV has its own Doctors and Attorneys on 24/call. 

The tanks are  an important part of the demonstrations because they symbolize the saving of Israel in 1973 war.

Bibi , and the police understand this . The police, using various "safety" excuses confiscated the first two real 54 ton tanks that YKV  brought down from the Golan Heights, so YKV built 2 full size Styrofoam Tanks from which speakers make the “Elections Now “ speeches.

They were placed on a Caesarea's Sand Dune opposite Netanyahu’s villa, causing him to build an acoustic wall. So apparently by Bibi's orders the demo Tanks were confiscated and have been held in the police yard and although a judge ordered immediate release, the Police would not release the Tank until it was court ordered. The police damaged the tank carrier which now is un-derivable.  The group is either going to take a relic tank from the 6 day war from the central  roundabout in Hadera, or build a third tank but wouldn't give up .

I truly wonder what next the terrorizing Israeli Police and coward "Sultan Bibi" would do , if the fiesty YKV  dispatches into the streets a full size Tank made of Lego...????

With the cultivation and rise in Police brutality, civil divisiveness and official incitement, the country is much closer to the brink of a civil war, which its

gets of fire are already high up in the air.

A Bibist - supporter, equipped with long range riffle pushed his way to the speaker's stage to disrupt a protest's speech in Naharia

And as if the country has not suffered enough, the Gods have not stopped demanding their expected casualties' quotas , in a biological war-fare form, dispatching Mosquitos squads armed with the West Nile Virus, to inflict their fatal fever arsenal, on innocent Israeli citizens.

The disease is mostly dangerous for the elderly, while younger people, if infected with typically experienced flu-like symptoms, may recover within a week,

“slight abdominal pain, diarrhea,fever, headache, and sore throat., lack of appetite. muscle aches nausea, vomiting, a .rash .swollen lymph nodes" are reported symptoms.

“This is an outbreak so it is important to alert and warn the public,”

In some cases, like sadly, with a very dear friend of ours, the disease can be very debilitating up to fatal. There is not, yet, a recovery medicine and diagnosis is through serological tests . (more symptoms)

And just before this explosive month exited, a bombshell scandal concerning a "compromised National Security" exploded for the grand finalle, when the Submarine Warning letter was


Netanyahu 'Endangered National Security': Inquiry Into German Submarines Corruption Case Slams PM

The scandal involves suspected improprieties by people close to the prime minister in the navy's acquisition of submarines and missile ships from a German company.

The commission warned Netanyahu (and 4 others involved) that he may be liable

Along with Moshe Ya'aln and Yosi Cohen

The signs flaged at the protest says:

He betrayed his Wife..

Betrayed his Daughter(of first marriage)

Betrayed his Electors

Betrayed his State

Betrayed the Army

Betrayed the People

"Rise and Fall of Israel"