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Travel:Vouliagmeni Lake&Area Greece. June, 6-7/2024

Updated: Jun 27

Continuation of the Greece trip (June 1-7)

Chalkida  Evia (Part 1)

Evia Island.   (Part 2)

Skroponeria (Part 3)

Sadly we departed this gem small resort town of Chalkida this morning , but the timing was right as the change in weather made it a bit easier.

Grey clouds covered the sky and a bit of a drizzle wet the dry very hot past few days, quite unusual for early June.

The last day in Greece before our departure back to Israel was spent about 20 Km South of Athens , in a relatively modern and upscale area of Vouliagmeni Lake

on which David has set his heart to visit. and dip in..

The drive down South on the HWY took about an hour and a half and gets more charming, only after passing Athens and continuing along the Athenian seaside coast.

The hidden small natural pristine waters of a mineral spa lake, nests in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, and is fed by underground currents seeping through the mass of Mount Hymettus

Once a large cavern that collapsed following an earthquake, formed a lagoon about 2000 ago. The outline of the collapsed cavern roof can be clearly seen from a distance.

Unique environmental conditions: supply the lake with warm seawater (28-35°C) via an underground channel spreading through a network of flooded caves

The thermal lake is recognized as a wonder of nature because of its unique appearance and the surroundings. The underground thermal springs are approximately 50 to 100 meters deep. It continues deep inside the mountain in an underwater cave never fully explored, as its end seems impossible to trace even by employing sonar detection

Because of its constant warm water temperature ( Temperature never drops below 18 °C) and its rich content in hydrogen sulphide, the lake functions as a thermal spa since the end of the 19th c

It is reported to have many healing properties for such ailments as eczema and dermatological diseases, neuralgia, headaches, disfiguring arthritis, chronic gynecological diseases, lumbago, sciatica and other problems.

The Garra Rufa fish – known as spa fish – are part of the lake's ecosystem.

The lake is fine for swimming and snorkeling for therapy as well as for pleasure

During the summer Lake Vouliagmeni offers hot-spring baths, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy as well as a number of other services. It is also open in the winter for year round swimming.

The fix entrance fee of 17 Euro per person for the day is in my opinion a real rip-off!

Yet it definitely didn't keep away the so many Israelis, we noticed at the place.

We arrived in the afternoon, 3 hours prior to closing, and unexpectedly and with no explanations were told, that the place will close an hour earlier.

Preparation to a pre-booked night event , explained the earlier closing...

The lake is nice and swimming in it is pleasant, however it is overrated in my opinion.

The lake is surrounded by beach chairs and umbrellas and there is a cafe-bar-restaurant that serves food and hosts various events. Children can enjoy a playground and host children’s parties.

A path that begins above the Lake leads to Faskomilia Hill, a natural area spread over 296 acres, offering hiking or cycling and overlooks the Attica coastline and the Lake

Athenian Riviera Coast

Athens Riviera is the name of the beautiful coastal area in the southern suburbs of Athens, situated about 20 kilometers from downtown Athens – spanning from the southern suburbs of Athens to the southernmost point of Attica, the famous Cape Sounio.

The promontory at the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula and about 70 km southeast of Athens in the Athens Riviera.

is noted for its Temple of Poseidon, one of the major monuments of the Golden Age of Athens.

The coast has superb local beaches , with pristine sand and crystal-clear waters, luxury hotels for tourists and gourmet dining, all along the sheltered Saronic Gulf stretching from the southern suburbs of Athens to the southernmost point of the Cape,

The Southern point we drove to along the Athenian Coast and beyond the lake

was a suburb named Vari

Situated at the southwestern end of the Mesogeia plain and the southeast shoulder of the Hymettus mountain, near the Saronic Gulf coast, Vari is a southern upscale suburb of Athens and former municipality in East Attica,

The Views on the drive along the Athenian coast

The Vouliagmeni Neighborhood - "The sunken"

Most Exclusive Glam Location on the Athens Riviera

The upscale seaside suburb of Vouliagmeni named after Lake Vouliagmeni, is only 20 km south of Athens city center with a population of above 6000,

It is one of the most prestigious Athenian suburbs, home to renowned hotels and beaches. and some of the highest real estate prices in the Balkans

The area east of the main road, which arrives from Athens city center as Vouliagmenis Ave, runs parallel to the seashore and continues southwards as a Palm trees lined , Athinas Ave, is the rocky slope of a foothill of Mount Hymettus, and where the bulk of the town is built

The western half, located between Athinas Ave. and the seaside, is covered with pine trees and consists of two peninsulas, Megalo and Mikro Kavouri ("Big Crab" and "Little Crab") that feature sandy and pebble beaches in between rocky shores and luxury hotels

marinas, an aquatic sports club, restaurants, taverns and cafeterias on the waterfront.

The small, rocky islet of Fleves lies off shore.

The Vouliagmeni beaches are consistently awarded the coveted EU blue flags for environmental excellence. The triathlon competition for the 2004 Summer Olympics took place in this area

This stretch of coastline, with the Aegean Sea on one side, which connects the port of Piraeus with Sounio. is also referred as the Apollon coast, named after a small Temple of Apollo, which was discovered close to the hotel, we stayed in.

Excavated ruins of the Temple of Apollo Zoster  can be viewed inside the public Astir Hotel beach

The night before our flight was spent in Hotel Amarilia at the beautiful Vouliagmeni neighborhood, which is only half an our away from the airport

Agiou Nilolau St +30 2108990391

Vouliagmeni Athens

Situated in an exclusive green suburb of the Athenian Riviera close to Athens,

covered with pine trees and commanding magnificent views over the Saronic Gulf,

View from the Hotel

In front of the hotel and along the beach strip , there are walking trail, beach coves, few restaurants and gorgeous view of the Athenian riviera coast.

Urban sprawl gives way to an idyllic bluish water around islets of green palm, Cyprus and Eucalyptus, fringed setting..

Next to the hotel, In addition to the "free to the public" beaches, there are upscale

"closed to the public" Restaurant Beach facilities like at Restaurant Papaioannou at Mythos Beach, Vougliagmeni, where we enjoyed having a drink right by the water

We had a great lunch at this great Labors sea side place.

Labros (Since 1889)

20 Posidonos Av. Vouliagmeni +30 2108960144

On June 7th we made it safely back to Israel and its raging war inferno in the North border, leaving behind the beauty and tranquility of this special Athenian coast with its memories rapidly evaporated...



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