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Travel: Nea Artaki, Dafni, Eretria, Evia IL. Greece, June 3-4/2024

Updated: Jun 17

Continuation of the Greece trip (June 1-7)

Chalkida Evia (Part 1)

During the week we stayed in charming Chalkida, (see post)we ventured to some recommended charming beach spots, around the large Evia island.

Voleri beach is one of the best beaches in Nea Artake, small and relatively uncrowded.

Nea Artaki

10km north of Chalkida town, and only 20 minutes drive (on rout 77) passes through a small quaint town of about 10,500 inhabitants, second largest city of Evia, which is located on the Voleri coast, in a plain that is surrounded by mountains to the east,

and the North Euboean Gulf lies to its the west.

The town's short history  reveals that it was founded in 1923 by Greek refugees from the Turkish town of Erdek of Kyzikou in Asia Minor (als0 a popular domestic holiday destination south of the Sea of Marmara)

Nea Artaki is a well known tourist destination, notably for its beaches.

Small church of Agios Nikolaos, is located in the port of the area. as are

Yachts, speed boats and fishing boats moored at the modern port.

The coastal road has many coffee shops, and taverns that attract both tourists and the locals.

One that captured our attentions, was Zefiros and where we run into a lovely British couple - Grham and Jo who fell in love with the Island and build a house near by Villa Koukouvagia in Chalkída.

They offer the house for rent and you can contact them also directly

Zefiros Cafe Bar Restuarnt

Ακτή Βολέρι, Nea Artaki. +30 2221 600638

Located next to a magnificent beach. the beauty of the natural environment, grass and palm trees,and plenty of beach services, Zeiros attracts , many to its facility

The water is crystal clear,

Dafni Beach

Further north on the west side of Evia coast, 35 km from Chalkida driving up and down some mountainous area lands in Dafni - a remote very beautiful picturesque beach surrounded by greenery with pebbles and stones on the coast and on the seabed, a clean and calm bathing destination.

The crystal waters are of the many sources that flow into the sea, Mountain Kantili is located just above the beach.


is a small vеrу quiet and аuthentiс, inlаnd villagе close to Dafni (5 km) built on the slоps οf a mountаin hill, surrоunded by a lοt of greеnerу and fresh аir. untouched by tourism. with few basic shops, taverns and popular hiking trails

Eretria - literally 'City of the Rowers'

An historic coastal town located 23,5 km South East of Chalkida. where once stood

the glorious ancient city-state, Eretria a dominant maritime, commercial and agricultural power which established colonies in the Aegean region and in Southern Italy.

It was an important Greek polis in the 6th and 5th century BC,

The earliest surviving mention of Eretria was by Homer (Iliad 2.537), who listed Eretria as one of the Greek cities which sent ships to the Trojan War

Eretria was destroyed twice by Persians and Romans, while later was abandoned until 1827, when refugees settled here from island Psara (the city's previous name was Nea Psara).

Excavations of the ancient city which began in the 1890s and have been conducted since 1964 by the Greek Archaeological Service, unearthed:

the first known settlement from the Early Helladic period (3000–2000 BC) located on the plain. A granary and several other buildings, as well as a pottery kiln, have been found.

Also an impressive theater (5th century B.C). the temples of Dafniforos Apollo, Dionysus, Dimitra and Isida, the "mosaic house" (370 B.C.) with mosaic floors dating back to 4th century B.C. the ancient vault and the Macedonian tomb. and more.

The town today is the "gateway” of the island, as it can be reached by ferry , and its beauty and beaches are a destination attraction.

A narrow strip connects the main land to a small island ,which in its better days offered basic hotel services, under the shadow of Pine Trees grove and which is now sadly deserted.

The scattered empty army-like barracks structures are stripped off doors and windows, and left with only graffiti decorating them.

Along the narrow strip there are few beaches offering bar/restaurant services and further down also a small hotel

Avantis small boutique hotel and restaurant, are situated right on the beach

A nice place to have a drink or lunch +30 2229064004

Other recommended places on the Island, which we didn't get to visit on this trip

Limni - Small Fishing Port

Ediposos- Hot Springs town

Steni - a mountainous village

Kalamos - a beautiful turquoise waters beach and white sand

To be continued....


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