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Travel: Skroponeria, Evia Greece. June 5th. 2024.

Updated: Jun 13

Continuation of the Greece trip (June 1-7)

Chalkida  Evia (Part 1)

Evia Island. (Part 2)

Meet Alon Schwratz

David acquaintance from the Yom Kippur Veterans  - Tank protest group, connected us to Alon Shwartz, once the acquaintance heard about our plans to visit Greece

Alon Schartz is an an award winning

Israeli doco-film producer who made the acclaimed doco-s -

Leaving behind his successful past as an

Hi-Techie and Film Producer in Israel and NYC, fora more profitable business, Alon now resides in Athens and has been dealing for the past 2 years in Real Estate sales/Development...

Half an hour drive (29 km) W. from Chalkida  , at Evia IL , where we spent a week  through the main land along the beautiful engulfing mountainous coast, got us to a relatively new development named Skroponeria by the bay

The new settlement was built in the 1960th on the west coast slops of the beautiful Northern Gulf of Evia, at the Boeotia or "Boeotia Coast"

The settlement has a view to the north of the homonymous bay of Skroponeri and the islet of Glaronisi. Southwest of the settlement is Paralimni and Mount Ptoon..

It was built .as a cooperative of Greeks MPs and is referred to as "State" or "Parliamentary" . Most deals probably, were made under some corrupt circumstances in which the initial lots were sold for real bargain prices.

What is seen is mainly second home or summer holiday villas for those who acquired the land , decided to built on it and offer the properties for summer rental.

Apparently this quite barren land slopping into the sea with a fantastic view of the water and the small Glaronisi island, is an "hot attractive potato deal for those who can afford it, and among them,. many Israelis, who are tempted to buy an empty;lot. either to diversify their investments or to built their dream house by the remote clear pristine water.

Alon, who kindly met us at the place

now dotted with several attractive free standing homes here and there, spread out in the large area, yet lacking any infrastructure nor basic services, did his best, using his charm and expertise acquired in the time since he moved to Greece, to convinced us into buying a lot.

He shared his grand plans of launching very effective software he recently developed and will soon launch ,which will provide integrated needed serviced to buy real estate on line, He also showed us few available lots now on sale., and those who already bought by several Israelis.

It sounded like a small Israeli "Kibbutz" settlement is now being in the making..

There is no doubt that the view of the narrow sea water strait , the small island , the rising mountains surrendering the area, and the water front possibility, are stunning and most tempting, to own a piece of...

For an instant moment, even we the rational conservative, were almost tempted.. to buy what this remote enchanting under-developed area offers...

However then practicality took over. After all, we are city people who cherish, not remoteness and gambling escapades, but commotion and accessibility to services and conveniences..

And another important limiting factor one needs to bear in mind, if tempted by the escapade, is that, once one wish to sell the property at some point, Greece forbids to take all the purchase money, in one sum, out of the country. So before any foreign money is being "parked" in Greek deals, make sure you will not need to get it out.

We shmuzzed a bit longer with Alon over lunch in the one and only local charming Taverna at the village's entrance, which also offers great views of the sea, and then our ways parted.

Kupa Leni - SeaFood Restaurant

Skorponeria Evia

+30 222101093232. +30 6974413833

Taking in last glances at the appealing views

Driving back to Chalkida, I thought to myself, had my wish come true, I would have rather bought a place in this charming perfect old town resort, of Chalkida which offers so much more ambiance, stunning views , set beaches, great services, promenades, shopping streets and plenty of restaurants with great food...

Later when we inquired with some real estate agencies, what is the drawing "secret" of

Skroponeria, that agents are pushing eagerly sales there... and got the answer that it is

a trendy hype right now ... and if one can afford Chalkida, residing in town is a much better bet...

In any case, if one is interested ....

Alon Shwartz -,

Victor  Lawyer/Athens. +30 697 798 5134 (recommended by Alon)

Contacts to some best rated real esters agencies in Chakida..

Compact Real Est. - +30 2221085862

Easy Properties +30 2221085862

AxiaGis Real Est +30 2221020208. (Dimitris +30 6972296569)

Real Estate Boynoyphe - +30 2210 28621.

 (Theodor. +30 698 8798487 )

Architect. +30 694-464-3151.

John Milonas -+30 6944390348. ,

Owner of "Johns Hotel". +30 22210 24996

Another charming place half an hour drive North from Chalkida on the mainland which we heard about too late, so hope to enjoy on some future visit is  Ippocampos Beach

Ippocampos Beach is considered one of the top beaches in Alykes Halkida.

The following day, our visit to Chakida would sadly come to end and we will drive south.

To be continued...


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