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Travel:Corfu's Food and back to Israel - Oct 24/2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Date: Oct, 24/2020

Place :Corfu's Food and Back to Israel

Below is a summary list of the small quaint food shops and restaurants we liked in Corfu old town, and in a few other places in the island, some already mentioned in the previous logs and others added.

Corfu old town -Cheese Shop

Inside the Cheese Shop


Corfu old town - "Solo Gelato" - Great Ice-Cream

Corfu old town- "Ntovoras" - best Croissant in town (next to the ice cream shop)


"Cake Boutique" - award winning French Patisserie - Best Macaroons

The "Cake Boutique" - French Patisserie +30 2661023824 Cell +30 6948466803


Rosa's traditional Corfu's sweet Delights at the Jewish quarter

Debora, whose husband Nick assisted us in mooring the speedboat, wrote

me the following below, not knowing I had met Rosa and visited her shop.

Rosa was introduced to us by Ana, from the "Walk with Ana" story, who wanted us to meet Rosa- a "local Jewish person" of a known Corfulot Jewish family.

" It's a little known fact that when my husband (Nick who is Coroflot) was born, he was delivered by the only Jewish midwife in Corfu at the time....her name was Perla Soussis.

Years later, I met and became good friends with her granddaughter, Rosa....who now has 2 wonderful bakery shops in the Old Town and Jewish Quarter.....

Rosa used to hold quite a Senior position in the Civil Aviatiin Department in Corfu Airport, and I (Deborah) met her 40 years ago when I was also working there ...she was such a pretty girl. Time and life has taken its toll on her....but she is a lovely warm person. We used to spend Yom Kippor together."


"Maroudis" Olive Oil Brand-Museum in Meliteieoi


Coffee served in a Delfino Blu restaurant

Recommended restaurant List in Corfu Town

Barbas - SeaFood, in Porta Remounda - our favorite

Ta Kokoria - Typical Greek Food

La Cutchina- Italian upscale

Salto - Wine Bar Bistro

Belissimo - Lemonia Sqhafe - typical Greek Food

Vesuvio - Italian in Porto Romundo

Marina's Taverna" - Very good traditional dishes -in The Jeaiwsh quarter


Limoncello Cafe- Pasta and Pizza

Lemons at Limoncello Cafe

In other parts of the Island

Delfino Blu - Northwest Hotel Agios Stefanos

Spiros Kardidis Taverna - in Bukaries on the beach

Als - in Pirgi by Ipsos on the beach

Taverna Glyfa - SeaFood Taverna on the water

Taverna Boulis - Snackbar-Grill Room - Lakones Village

For more

A Gastronome's Guide to Corfu: 6 Superb Places to Eat - Greece Is


Athens airport to which we flew from Corfu to catch our connection flight back to Israel, was packed with travelers, like in the 'old times" before Corona had ravaged all over the land.

So it may not be surprising that now Greece is marked as a "Red State".

We most probably, lucked out to have returned from Greece before the Israeli Gov decreed that all travelers to now "Red Greece" are required to quarantine upon returning to Israel..

In contrast to Athens the Departure Hall at Israel BG airport, sadly was completely empty of people, when we ,safely landed in the afternoon.

Yet we were glad to hear that the Corona positive contaminated cases have decreased, following the recent Israeli second lockdown.

We are hoping that this positive trend steadily continues here in Israel and in the rest of our little world. But until it is fully banished and won over..

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay Sane!,



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