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Travel:Last Day in Corfu Town - Oct 23/2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Date: Oct 23/2020

Place : Last Day in Corfu Town

Artemis Alcalay - the artist whose exhibit is now being curated at the Corfu town's Romaniote -La Scuola Greca- Synagogue( the only one survived out of 4 ) who I encountered on the walk with Ana (Log Oct 20), kindly invited us to view her work today, on a special tour, before the official exhibits opens on Sunday, as we will be leaving back to Israel this Saturday.

"Artemis" in Greek mythology was the Greek goddess of the hunt, of the wilderness, wild animals and patron and protector of young girls.

This apprehensive artist Artemis has been for the past 4 years on a benevolent "hunt" of those who were captured and tortured as "young girls" during the Holocaust, in the menevelent " Nazis animalic wilderness ".

Then she resurrected the memories of the adult women they had become, and had given them a renewed "home" and permanent virtual life, throughout her symbolic art in the exhibit to be open at the birth island of these women survivors

Artist's Post of the Exhibit

As mentioned the exhibit consist of a Photo research Project on 8 native Corflute Greek women survivors of the Holocaust (as per photo below) whose homes and lives had been destroyed, in the journey between Corfu, the concentration camps of Auschwitz or Bergen-Belzen, and back to re-living, and creating new homes, either back in Greece, Israel and other locations.

Each of the elderly surviving women's image (most dead by now) isb hung at the synagogue's windows' nitches, is photographed on the background of the artist's arigolical artistic home design.

Survivor - Nata Osmo Gattegno - Corfu - Auschwitz - Tel-Aviv

The exhibit will be showcased at the Synagogue from Oct 25- to Nov 29/2020

The exhibit will arrive at Israel to Beit Hatfutsot only in 2014

There were times in history that over 6000 Jews resided in Corfu.

By the eve of WWII they were only 2000, all taken to the Nazi concentration camps in late 1944 and only about 120 survived and fewer returned to the IL.

May their memory be blessed and remembered.

Photographs of the women Survivors at the Synagogue's windows


From our rental's window, at the center of the old town the "Royal Palace" grandness, has been calling on me, for quite some time, but only today, at our last day in Corfu, I finally made the time this morning, to explore the interior of the beautiful building, located so nearby, and which its garden I have admiring daily, when passing by it, back from a walk in town.

Royal Palace

Palace of St. Michaels and St. George - Royal Palace

Located between the old town of Corfu and the Venetian-era Old Fortress it originally served as the residence of the British Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, but was also the home of the Ionian Senate and the Order of St Michael and St George.

Commissioned by Sir Thomas Maitland, it was designed and built in the Greek neoclassical revival architecture, between 1819 and 1824, by the British architect George Whitmore, who was a Colonel and later a Major-General in the Royal Engineers. It was the first building of that style to be constructed on Greek territory, and consisted of limestone imported from Malta.

The two gateways which flank the palace are the gate of St. Michael and the gate of St. George.

The original furniture and interior of the palace is preserved. The state rooms consist of a grand staircase, a rotunda in the centre leading to two large rooms, the Throne Room, and the state dining room.

As mentioned, the garden in front of is beautiful.The sculptural elements of the palace are the work of the Maltese sculptors Vincenzo and Ferdinando Dimech, as well as the Corfiot sculptor Pavlos Prosalentis.

After the union of Corfu with the Kingdom of Greece in 1864, the palace served as a Royal residence until the Second World War. Thus the building is also known as the Royal Palace, the City Palace,or locally by the Greek name Palaia Anaktora. Up to 1967, the Greek king occasionally used the palace on state occasions while in residence at his nearby villa, Mon Repos

The Palace was damaged by war bombing and last renovated a few times including for the European Union Summit meeting in 1994.

Since 1927, the palace has housed the Museum of Asian art of Corfu.


Alpha Banknote Museum

This beautiful building/museum which houses the Alpha Ionian Bank unfortunately, was closed during all our stay, due to the Corona pandemic, but I could resist sharing its beauty, since we passed by it almost every day.

The banknote Museum of Building of Ionian Alfa Bank and Museum of Money

Housed in the historic building of the first Corfu Branch of the Ionian Bank (est. 1840) and now part of the Alpha Bank’s Archives, its collection includes the complete series of all the banknotes, coins and related material issued and circulated throughout the history of the Greek State, spanning a history of almost 200 years.

* ***************************

Last look at Corfu's View

The 3 Mast of EOS Yacht (mentioned on Oct. 9) still moored at the Corfu Town's Port

Night Life in Corfu Town on Friday Eve

Many of the open restaurants, Cafes, and bars in the town's center were completely mobbed with a young crowd, this most lively Friday night out.

As if there is no Corona pandemic engulfing the world.. Corfu town is partying

On Liston Square

We too, joined in the "partying" by having a fantastic meal, on our last evening in Corfu, at our favorite restaurant -Barbas, together with the captivating Canadian couple - Martin and Maryann - whom we met, by chance, at ALS

restaurant on Ipsos' beach, a week ago.

Greek "Mariachis" playing music by the Restaurant in the Street

M&M returned from Paxos island to Corfu, right on time, prior to our departure, so more bonding, sharing and exchanging of essential info, was facilitated for further cementing our delightful budding friendship.

Dining in their company was a great finale to our one month stay at this enchanting island, leaving us with a crave for much more...

Thank you also to the wonderful people whom we met on our journey and who made this trip so interesting and special!

Thank you; Nick & Deborah, Klair, Ana, Artemis, Rob & Lucie, Jana,

and of course Martin and Maryann🙏

PS. Next and last segment of my log will be a summary on Food in Corfu

Off we go✈


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