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Travel: Quaint Mountain Villages - Corfu Oct 16/2020

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Date: Friday, Oct 16th/2020

Place: Lakones & Liapades

Quint Mountain Villages

A promise to ease up the Israeli lockdown which has been in effect for the almost 3 past weeks, and to re-open the kindergartens for the tender aged, had lured the young couple to fly back to Tel-Aviv

Therefore, this past Friday morning’s rainy cloudy weather didn’t deter our family from going on yet another excursion. It was the last time spent together, before the kids and grands planned to vanish the following day, back to Israel.

A hope that the wet weather would dry and brighten up later in the day, as it actually did, encouraged us to get into the cars for another curvy mountainous ride, down south, along the narrow poorly maintained roads above the island’s beautiful northwestern coast.

Returning to the quaint traditional village of Lakones which overlooks the spectacular panoramic views of Paleokastritsa, was worth in both snorting more of the inspiring scenery, as well as in enjoying a great lunch, at the village’s small traditional family Taverna.

Cloudy view from Lakones

The name ‘Lakones’ derives from Laconia (Lakonia), that’s the prefecture in the southeast of Peloponnese where the capital Sparta is.

This small picturesque village located on the slopes of a lush green Mount Arakli, has a spread of stone houses from 18 and 19 c, beautiful churches and traditional shops.

The steep narrow main road, crossing the village, allows only one-way traffic and hosts along its route several tavernas and cafes with balconies and terraces hanging overlooking the sea’s bays and Paleokastritsa.

That's where we stumble into the small family owned Taverna with traditional village specialties. Very recommended.

“Taverna Boulis” - Snackbar-Grill Room - Lakes

Spyros & Elena Michala +30 26630 49429

Across from Lakones, on the opposite side of the mountain , 5 km from Paleokastritsa, we enjoyed visiting another traditional village, also known for his small attractive beach and coves.

Liapades is situated on the sides of the green Kourkouli mountain, overlooking the beautiful landscapes and the magnificent bay by the same name.

This beautiful traditional Greek village consists оf nеw and οld parts.

The nеw (touristic) part is closer tο the bеаch, and offers family hоtels, rеstаurants, bars and shοps. The main bеаch of Liapades (саlled Gefyrа) is sandy, mixеd with grаvel and pebblеs. There are sea сaves in thе surrοunding rock. Boat cruises аnd bоat taxis аrе alsο avаilable to the bеaсhes in the аrеa

The old part of the village, where the local rеsidents live in, consist of preserved original Ionian architecture with Venetian-style buildings of 18c

It has no hоtеls because the streets are narrоw аnd steep.

At the central square of the village there are traditional taverns and coffee shops as well as a meeting point for the locals, where the beautiful church of Agia Anastasia, one among the 6 churches of Liapades is situated. Built in the 16th c the church has painting ceilings and beautiful icons.

The village spreads right up to the “North Ropa Valley” above the bay and the beach, and has a population of about 1,000 inhabitants most of whom are engaged in agriculture, fishing, tourism and wine production.

North Valley View

Although the day's weather had brightened up, our spirit got disheartened by the thought of our grands' and daughter's departure early next morning.

Yet, we felt that we definitely earned the right to recharge and enjoy a few more days on our own, after this almost 3 weeks of intensive sitting for the little ones.

To be continued...


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