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Travel: The Villages and Beaches along the Southeast coastline- Oct20/20

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Date: Oct 20/2020

Place : The Villages and Beaches along the Southeast coastline

By: Lili Naveh

Once driving out of Corfu Town, the relatively flat and straight coastline's main road, heading down Southeast, is freckled with larger resorts, small hotels and apartments to rent, but not with that many commercial businesses and shops.

The lush green surroundings engulfing the many tourist accommodations and quaint villas which are situated mainly along the road's mountainside edge, stand out ,against the backdrop of the looming rocky high mountain ridge, and against the blue sea water on the beach side.

View of Kanoki from the Southeast main road

Seeing again the view of Kanoki, the airport Mouse Island, the Church, and walking on the bridge from the other side, can be best achieved, as we did, by stopping at Nisos, asking permission to stand a few minutes at the car park.

"Nisos" - Family Restaurant - Cafe

Most of the beaches along the road are very near to the road, are narrow

straight lined, covered with gray pebbles, and facilitate swimming in calm water,

The small quaint traditional villages and towns we drove through along the water pretty much look alike, having main roads with few services, (mostly closed now) scattered colorful houses, restaurants on the beach (now if opened are mostly empty) and small harbours with few moored (as my friend Astrid corrected me..) boats in them.

View from Gasturi

Traditional village 10 km from Korfo

A modern tourist resort of about 600 residents that lies around a natural bay. and the only sandy beach on the east side. The village is located 15 km from the town of Corfu.

The small village is located 17 km from Corfu town.

The Messonghi river flows through the village and its water has given life to the fauna and olive trees, some are aged 700 years or more having been planted by the Venetians.

Some ancient Greek temples that date back to 3rd century BC

can also be found along the river

The beach stretches about 4km and the coast has fine pebbles and sand.

A picturesque fishing harbour with moored small boats and a traditional fisherman village located 25 km from Corfu Town with a narrow pebbled beach strip with pebbles both on the shore and in the water but the sea is always very calm and the views are most beautiful.

It is better known for its fish tavernas which serve fresh fish and seafood right by the sea, and we had a

great fresh fish at:

The taverna which is run now by Spiros son - Akis, is considered one of the top fish restaurants in Corfu for fresh seafood.

Except for an Oligarch and his wife who got off a two mast yacht ,and us

there were no others dining that afternoon, thus David and Akis -the Taverna's owner got into a debate about how fresh a fish can taste the best .

The owner insisted that just fresh caught fish does not always taste the best. David agreed and explained that the taste depends on the level of stress a fish experiences prior to its death.

A fish in stress secrets lactic acid, which may stiffen ( rigor mortise) or disintegrate its muscles . David was sure that the owner would dismiss his explanation, however Akis agreed 100% with David.

It was the first time that David encountered someone whose hands on fish knowledge which derived from lengthy experience and not from learn science could match that of David's theoretical fish education....

A traditional Greek fisheremen village with a small harbour

On the beach " Taverna Limnopula" is recommended.

We continued to Petriti and then veered via Perivoli to the Southwest side of the island, which is about a 10km drive, through much lower hilly agricultural landscape heading to the coast's west side.

A small traditional village located 35 km south of Corfu of 1,500 inhabitants who are mainly involved in farming. Olive trees and vineyards, stone houses and narrow alleys are the natural setting

The beach nests in the beautiful natural combination of steep green mountains and golden sand. It is of the most beautiful and wide beaches of the island, stretching out for about 2km, with soft sand in and out of the water which makes it comfortable and enjoyable for swimming and other activities,

David had to have his daily swim fix there, while I kept walking and photo taking. He was the only one in the water of this beautiful empty beach, which reminded us that of Agios Stefanos.

To be Continued....


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