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Travel: Back in Corfu Town Oct 19/2020

Date: Oct 19/2020

Place : Back in Corfu Town

By: Lili Naveh

The highest point of Mount Pantokratoras which we toured this past Saturday, and the antennas spiking out of its top, on the background of the blue sky and turquoise water beneath it, from across Corfu Town, winked at us gloriously,

in today's most vivid sharply clear weather.

Mount Pantokratoras seen from Corfu Town

Meeting Klair

On our morning walk to finally tour the inside of the Old Fort, we stumbled upon an angelic most hospitable local Klair, who was just exiting the water after her swim at the Town's small beach next to St Nicolas gate.

Seeing Klair holding her long swim fins, David couldn't help himself, but to volunteer his "informed expertise" on the deficiency of such fins' length.

He insisted she should cut them short, which would for sure, improve her resistant swimming.

That unsolicited "free consulting" session led to a fun morning spent together with Klair, during which very useful information was exchanged and gathered.

Furthermore, along the way Klair encountered some other locals, like Victoria (a wedding planner) and Neni (A real Estate consultant) whom Klair also solicited information from, on our behalf.

Klair, a charming young adult in her early 40th, is a product of a Greek father and a French mother, who was raised and educated in Corfu.

She resides in the center of the Old Town, and is a pharmacist by profession.

Once she met us she transformed into the most informed consultant , volunteering advice on where to get the best French Croissant, the tastiest restaurants, and reputable Tour Guides in town.

Thanks to her we compiled a list of recommended professional licensed

tour guides for the general history of the city, as well as a volunteer one, for the Jewish part, whom we will meet on Wednesday.

Ariti with her sister Nausica run - “Corfu Walking Tours”

Corfu Walking Tours <>

Other local Tour Guides

Katarina +30 6932736996.

Eunice +30 6974607873

We hope we would get another chance to meet darling Klair,( whose work

does not leave her much free time) either at an early morning swim, or as per her invitation, to see the view from her apartment.


Corfu Town View

To shed off the calories we gained from the best Croissants we devoured at

the place Klair took us to, we climbed all the way up to the steep rocky top of the Old Fortress, after we sadly departed from Klair .

The Old Venetian Fortress

This fortress which was constructed on a rocky peninsula, on the eastern side of the town, by the Venetians, in the 15th century, was the site of a former Byzantine castle. It is one of the most impressive fortifications in Europe.

The fort successfully repulsed all three major Ottoman sieges.

Fort's Water Mot

The views of Corfu Town, the water and the boats that sail through it, or parked at the Fort's water mot, the fort landscape, the lighthouse at the top and the church on premise, are all amazing.

Corfu town view from the Fort

Church of St George in the Old Fort

The church was built in 1840 , in the Old Fortress as an Anglican church to meet the religious needs of the British soldiers who served in Corfu the period of English Protection ( 1814-1864)

When Corfu was ceded to Greece in 1864, the denomination changed to Greek Orthodox the following year. St. George’s Church was heavily damaged by German air raids in 1943. However by 2008 it was restored to its Georgian neoclassical design with a marble facade that resembles a Doric Temple. The lighthouse in the background is Paleo Enetiko Frouno.

The church is considered one of the largest in size of the city and consists of a three-aisled basilica with a loft . The architecture and construction of the church was based on drawings of an English officer, engineer, Antony Emmet and evokes ancient Doric temples .

It operates only once a year on a day that celebrates the memory of St. George.

Church of St. George and the lighthouse at the Fort's top

Kanoni is actually a quarter of Corfu Town, situated on a homonyms peninsula 3 km south of the city's old center, which we visited in the afternoon.

The visit to the neighborhood is a must for its views and we enjoyed the romantic setting and exploring the surrounding.It Is one of the most famous Corfu sights, It covers the entire peninsula south of Corfu Town.

Kanoni lush green hilly neighborhood is a busy tourist resort, has many luxurious hotels and local affluent residences, apartments, restaurants, souvenir shops and bars

Kanoni got its name because of the promontory on top of the hill. At the end of the peninsula was situated a battery cannon that has been there since 1798- pointing out to sea to protect the island.

There are two cafeterias at the hilltop - "Kanoni Cafe" is most known - offering amazing views of the sea, and the tiny Mouse Island -island Pondikonissi and the quaint small church of Panagia Vlacherna.

A narrow 300m passageway connects the island with the church.

Constructed in the 17th century, this lovely chapel has impressive wooden-carved icons and beautiful frescoes inside. The roof has red tiles and above the gate entrance, there is a tall bell tower.

Fishing boats depart frequently from the church and go to the legendary Mouse Island, just 5 min boat ride.

From the terraces of the Kanoni Cafe, a wonderful view over the Corfu's airport runway can be observed with airplanes landing and taking off .

According to mythology, the rocky Mouse island is the ship of Ulysses that was stoned by god Poseidon. In the center of the Mouse Island, there is the 13th-century church of Pantokrator. This church celebrates on August 6th with a large religious service for Corfu

In antiquity, Kanini was the spot where the ancient city of Corfu was founded in the 8th BC by Dorians who came from Korinth, (a Greek town near Athens), with the ancient temple of Artemis, the monuments, and the citadel at the present location of Analipsis. .

Cannonballs, pieces of pottery and archaeological remains and digs can be found in the neighborhood's surroundings..


Our Liston Rental - on Nicholas Manessis St.

Our Liston's renovated rental on the first floor of an historical 18c an building is situated in a great location at the old historical town center and is very close to the water, which we can see from one of the windows.

The street is named after the Town's first Mayor (1866-1870)

David can still get his daily swim fix at the small beach, right by St Nicolas gate, even parking our rented car is easy at this time of the closed season.

Dinner at " Marina's Taverna" - Traditional Corflot Dishes

In the narrow Kantounia alleyway of the old Jewish district

To be Continued...


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