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Travel : Lugano's Panoramic views Switzerland, Feb 13/2022

Continuation of the trip starting on Feb 6th (here)

The panoramic views that unveil from our room and balcony, of the boat cruising

on the calm Lugano lake, the mountains surrounding it, as well the architecturally

remarkable villas and gardens along the promenade, in town's center or above

the lake, are absolutely stunning and inspirational.

Views from our hotel's balcony

The fabulous Breakfast is served in a special all white breakfast room and terrace

of the hotel facing the views of the lake.

I cloud have set and ate the delicious selection of food and pastries while watching the hypnotic lake, all day long...

Although its altitude is only 912 meters, Mt. San Salvatore's summit offers one of the most beautiful and panoramic vistas in the entire Alps.

It is part of the LepontineAlps and towers majestically over the Lugano lake and town.

A 5 minutes morning walk, from the hotel, along the lake, in the opposite direction of town's center, reach the the Funicular ride up to the top of Mt. San Salvatore

Monte San Salvatore funicular links the city with the summit of the mountain.

The Funicular departs every 30 minutes daily, between 10:00am-5:00 pm in winter, and until 11:oo pm in summer.

There is also a winding hiking trail through the woods, along the 2 stations track, which the ambitious ones can climb it, up to the top.

And from the top one can descend down to few destinations below, (to Carona or Pazzalo) each last for 1-2 hours walk.

One can reach the funicular station

also by the small touristic car-train

that makes its round along the popular visiting stops.

The views are indeed stunning from up the mountain's top, on a bright sunny day.

We opted for a short walk of the top, a peak to a small museum with religious and geological objects, and skipped the restaurant at the top, which its veranda offers an amazing panoramic views, as we were still too full from the hotel's breakfast.

Once satiated by the funicular experience up to Mt San Salvador, we

ascended down, and picked up our

car to drive around to other spots.

A distinctive cone rises at the north end of Lugano

The mountain is famous as the sunniest mountain in Switzerland. and the Bre quint village at the summit, from which panoramic views of the Lugano and surrounding

are breathtaking

There is also a funicular that goes up all the way to the mountain's summit, if one prefers not to drive a car up on the serpentine narrow mountain's roads

Since 1908, the Monte Brè Funicular has been part of Lugano’s history.

One can also risk taking bus # 12 which speeds up the narrow steep road to the top,

or be an extreme ambitions cyclist, not minding the hazardous passing traffic nor fearing the steepness and height, when cycling ones life, all the way to the top

The atmosphere at the top of Mt. Brè (933 m a.s.l.). offers , beside the breathtaking views, also mountain hiking, biking, culinary or just relaxing experience.

The Yellow house at the top of Mt Bre Summit

Spacious beautifully designed homes, facing the panoramic lake below, pepper the steep wooded slopes of the mountain..

Bre Village at the Summit

The charming Bre village situated on the eastern slopes of the Bre mountain is a very quint spot to visit, to walk the old streets, or have a drink./ bite at its restaurant.

Remains of an old communal laundromat can be still seen

The village was first recorded in 1280 as de Bre, and for most of its history has lived by agriculture and livestock.

Until 1912, the only access to the village was on foot or by mule. Monte Brè funicular was then opened in 1923 between Lugano and the summit of Monte Brè. and subsequently Brè has become a resort and residential suburb.

Delighted at its bloom , we encountered this delicate mountain flower with furry white petals, so strongly associated with the Alps.

It is hard to believe it originated in the Himalayas and Siberia.

Since 19th century the previously called ‘wool flower’ became widely known as edelweiss and took on a special cult status in Switzerland,. attracting admirers and critics over the years but remains one of the most iconic images adorning everything from airlines to coins to the logo for the Swiss tourism office.

A song was dedicated to the flower in the film "Sounds of Music".

Satiated our appetites to "conquer" the summits of Mt San Salvatore and Mt Bre, and

hiking short trails, on both elevations, we ascended down, back to the lake, to explore

the spacious green park, that borders the lake, and is shaded by trees and brightened by flower garden..

Right by shores of Lake Lugano, and near the city-center, this 63,000 square m park constitutes the city’s green lung, attracting both tourist and locals.

In the midst of the Park this grand pink villa offer a venue to events and exhibitions

Over the site, where once a castle stood from the age of Sforzas (1498-1517) the villa was built between 1840 and 1843, Villa Ciani. and since since 1933 major changing art exhibitions have been showcased throughout the years in the villa once became owned by the city.

Today, the Villa is mainly used for temporary artistic or historical exhibitions however, upon request, it may be exclusively booked for congress events.

The villa serves also as a venue for events

We were hoping to view the current Bansky exhibition shown, currently at the Villa .

However the long line over an hour wait in the cold outdoors, curbed our enthusiasm.

"Castle in the sky" by Banksy.

100 original works, objects and serigraphy of the artist known as Banksy.

Banksy . Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist and film director, active since the 1990, whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed and the subject of speculation.

Right outside Parc Ciani , a huge statue head sits on the ground of Piazza de la Reforma

Eros Bendato by the artist Igor Mitoraj (1999)

Igor Mitoraj (1944 – 2014) was a Polish artist/sculptor best known for his fragmented human body, often created for large-scale public installations, considered one of the most internationally recognized Polish sculptors.[

Twenty three years ago, in 1999, on a longer visit to the city, due to a pharma conference David attended, we were lucky to see a large Modigliani exhibition at Lugano's Museo d'Arte Moderna .

Other architecturally distinguished old building designs seen when walking around City Center

Lugano's Old Town rises abruptly from the three squares that surround its Palazzo Civico (town hall), in a street that is a series of stairways and terrace.

Via Nassa is the most elegant pedestrian street characterized by a long row of porticos, of typical Italian flair.

To be continued....

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